Comparison: liquid matte lipsticks

“Hello, my name is Gabi and I am matte-o-holik.” :D Every time matte finish makes a comeback, I get the urge to go out celebrating. Matte lipsticks/nail polishes/eyeshadows are my obsession, which gets bigger and bigger with each new reappearance of matte trend as products are getting better and better.

Remember those chalk like formulas from a decade or so? Even first matte liquid lipsticks were not that good with problematic application, not so good staying power, stickiness …

This time I had little bit of a shopping spree as for the first time I could shops different matte finishes, compare lower and pricier formulas + had a wide variety of nude&co colours to choose from. Are you ready for comparison of 16 liquid matte lipsticks? All presented with lip swatch, price (EUR for ml) and how they held on on my not so wide lips.

I should probably start with my classification of matte finish types:

  • creme matte: transition from creme to velvet matte finish – usually there will be little bit shine present, not so good staying power and biggest transfer of them all
  • velvet matte: no shine but not dry either, are usually more comfortably to wear than true matte finish
  • matte matte: no shine, slightly dry look, no transfer

Brands are ranked from my favourite to the one I would never buy again. Pretty much all of them are easiest to remove with make up oil remover (I liked Balea’s the most while BioBaza dried out my lips).

PUPA Matt Lip Fluid – 012

Pupa 012 (I'm Mat Lip Fluid)
Pupa 012 (I’m Mat Lip Fluid)

There was fierce battle going on for the first place, so Pupa and Stila are kind of sharing it. :D Pupa I’m Mat Lip Fluid was love at first swatch. I gave it point more than Stila for one thing only – it fades beautifully … and is the only one I own that has that feature. They sacrificed few hours of staying power for it, but as it still lasts for quite a long time and I never, ever see that horrid forced lip liner line in the mirror, so I will call it a good compromise.

Transfer is minimal and finish kind of falls into velvet matte category. Kind of because part of it will depend on how much lipstick you apply, do you blot of not … Applicator applied creamy formula perfectly. I still feel lipstick for a short while after application, but later on I completely forget I have anything on the lips. It has gentle smell, but it dispersers really quickly.

Only downside is serious lack of shades. 012 is the most neutral one available in Slovenia and all the rest are in the bold/statement category. You can see all available in our county in this video – CLICK.

Price: 15 EUR for 4ml (3,75 EUR/ml). Available at: Beautique drogerije (Maxi), Müller Supernova Rudnik.

STILA Stay All Day Liquid lipstick – Patina

Stila Patina (Stay All Day liquid lipstick)
Stila Patina (Stay All Day liquid lipstick)

Stila’s applicator is more on the classical side, but as formula is even creamier than in Pupa’s lipstick, application itself was easy one. Patina shade is little bit tricky to describe. It looks lighter right after the application, but quickly darkens and turns into dirty rose colour in warmer light or gets purplish undertone if you find yourself in cooler light.

Patina has true matte finish, but you can still feel it on lips for quite some time after application. If I starved and drank carefully, this shade would last whole work day + accompany me into happy hours. :D It fades gradually but still from centre to the outline.

Price: 19 EUR for 3 ml (6,3/ml). Winner in the priciest category. :P

JORDANA Sweet Cream Matte – 09 Rose Macaron

Jordana Rose Macaron (Sweet cream matte)
Jordana Rose Macaron (Sweet cream matte)

Third place went to Jordana Sweet Cream Matte formula. Jordana shares many Stila’s characteristics – it’s slightly sticky right after application and later on turns completely matte. It is not as pleasant on lips as Stila and disappears quicker, but still in a nice and gradually way. Maybe even more important fact – you can reapply it without getting sticky or crumpling lips.

Rose Macaron shade is muted pink and less reddish than in the photo. Cute shade but Maestra’s Tiramisu is prettier.

Price: 6,5 EUR for 3g (2,2 EUR/gram) at

BOURJOIS Rouge Edition Velvet – Nude-ist

Bourjois Nude-ist swatch
Bourjois Nude-ist swatch

Bourjois Velvet’s are my precious ones for quite some time now. They were probably one of the first liquid matte lipsticks I loved. They have great staying powers, fade nicely but are harder to apply. And lets not forget that famous plastics smell. :P I miss more nude-ish colours.

Price: 14 EUR for 6,7ml (2 EUR/ml).

KAT VON D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – Melancholia, Susperia

Kat Von D Melancholia (Everlasting liquid lipstick) swatch
Kat Von D Melancholia (Everlasting liquid lipstick) swatch

When not sure which Kat Von D liquid lipstick you want to buy, go for mini duo. :D Supposedly they are combined for doing ombre effect, but I found them to be too quick drying for that. I did play with them, but this is something better left to those of you with larger lips. I pretty much merged them on my thinnies. :P

This it true matte finish representative, that will laaaast on your lips. Scent is slightly to the plastic side, but not overpoweringly so and it does fade quickly.

Susperia is THE blue purplish tone that rarely ends up on my lips. If I layer it with Melancholia, then I can live with it, otherwise it is simply too cool toned for my taste. Surprisingly I loved light pink Melancholia.

Price: 17 EUR for 2 x 3 ml (2,8 EUR/ml).

Kat Von D Melancholia, Susperia ombre (Everlasting liquid lipstick) swatch
Kat Von D Melancholia, Susperia ombre (Everlasting liquid lipstick) swatch

GOLDEN ROSE Liquid Matte Lipstick – 03, 05

Golden Rose 03 (liquid matte lipstick)
Golden Rose 03 (liquid matte lipstick)

Applicator resembles Milani or Misslyn one. Is not super precise, but you can apply lipstick pretty neatly. With little bit of patience and precision that is. I bought 2 shades – 03 and 05, while no. 10 is high on my WL. Both shades are non-problematic, have good coverage and leave slightly tacky finish after application. Tackiness does go away, but after some time. Smell is gentle and slightly artificial vanilla like.

No. 05 was my chosen shade for whole day testing. It survived brunch (no greasy things), coffee and started to get in creases only after day was slowly turning to night. You can reapply, but it looks a lot nicer if you remove it and putting on the fresh coat.

Colour fades form inside out. Is more in the velvet matte category with slight transfer.

Price: 5,9 EUR for 5,5ml (1 EUR/ml).

MILANI Amore Matte Lip Creme – 11 Precious

Milani 11 Precious (Amore Matte Lip Cream)
Milani 11 Precious (Amore Matte Lip Cream) swatch

Milani Amore matte liquid lipstick was THE most recommended one to me. OK price, available and with many shades to chose from. I get this slight tacky layer after application, which turns into true matte finish after a while. I feel it sitting on my lips as it has slightly drying feel to it. That is the only reason it it not ranked higher than it might be considering other criteria.

It fades nicely, transfer is almost non-existent, lives through the meal … Applicator precision corresponds with how much time I have for application – I like it if I have time and not so much if I am in a hurry. :P

Price: 10 EUR for 6g (1,6 EUR/gram).

MAKE UP FACTORY Mat Lip Fluid – 19 Velvet Rosewood

Make Up Factory Velvet Rosewood (Mat Lip Fluid)
Make Up Factory Velvet Rosewood (Mat Lip Fluid)

I read quite a few not so positive reviews about MUF Lip Fluids when the first launched. As I love the brand I decided to try one after a while. The only shade that appealed to me was Velvet Rosewood. This shade is constantly sold out in my Müller stores, but I finally got it … after few months of actively hunting it down. :P

I do agree with first reviews that this if pretty dry lipstick, but I personally do not see it as drying one. It is one of those liquid lipsticks that is neither comfortable or uncomfortable. Kat von D is dryer for example.

Make Up Factory Velvet Rosewood is pretty darker muted nude rose shade, but nothing overly special or unique.

Appropriate question would be: “Would I buy it again?” Yes. I love the fact that it doesn’t crease, is hard to remove = great staying power.

Price: 14,50 EUR for 6,5ml (2,2 EUR/ml).

MISSLYN Velvet Matte Cream – 136 Bohemian

Misslyn 136 Bohemian (Velvet Matte)
Misslyn 136 Bohemian (Velvet Matte)

Misslyn Velvet Matte Lip Cream takes its time to become velvet matte finish, but it gets there. :P I had some transfer, but the feel is nicer too. Slightly sticky feel lasts for quite some time. I would not buy this formula in darker shades as it tends to cling to dryer parts. Lighter pink and nudes shades look good though and I would repurchase. Can be reapplied and is not so difficult to apply.

Price: 9 EUR for 4ml (2,25 EUR/ml).

SLEEK Matte Me – 433 Rioja Red

Sleek Rioja Red swatch (Matte Me)
Sleek Rioja Red swatch (Matte Me)

Sleek Matte Me review is about my specific shade and formula. I think they changed it since I bought my liquid lipstick in Rioja Red. As I already reviewed this lipstick, I’ll focus on difference between 2 year old matte liquid lipsticks and newer ones. It took me quite some time and a lot of testing to realise that majority of my issues with older liquid lipsticks had roots in their inappropriate application.

Second major improvement happened in fading. Sleek was one of the better formulas 2+ years ago in that regard, but newer formulas are almost all a lot better. Today crumbly formulas are rare, while they used to be found in all almost of matte liquid formulas.

If I ever come across new formula (and founds allow for it) I’ll add review in this post.

Price: 10 EUR for 6ml (1,7 EUR/ml).

ORIFLAME The One Matte Mousse – Satin Rose

Oriflame Matte Mousse Satin Rose
Oriflame Matte Mousse Satin Rose

Oriflame decided on very creamy texture when making The One Matte Mousse lipsticks. Finish itself is very pretty – velvet matte with not so heavy transfer. But I simply can not get this lipstick to sit nicely on my lips. I saw how lovely this looks on my younger fellow bloggers, so it could be that my old and creased lips are the problem? :P

Price: 14 EUR/5ml at Oriflame Slovenija (2,8 EUR/ml).

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Istanbul

NYX Isanbul (Soft Matte Lip Cream)
NYX Isanbul (Soft Matte Lip Cream)

Nice application, velvet matte finish, but also quite a lot of transfer and faster disappearance act. Something for those of you who hate dry feeling from classical matte finish and are willing to sacrifice staying power for comfort.

Price: 10 EUR for 8ml (1,25 EUR/ml).

MAYBELLINE Vivid Matte Liquid – 05 Nude Flush

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid 05 Nude Flush
Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid 05 Nude Flush

Cream mat if I stretch it. Suitable for same kind of users as the above lipstick. As it is not even velvet matte finish, you do not get great staying power but feeling on the lips is better.

Price: 8 EUR for 7ml.

CATRICE Velvet Matt Lip Cream – Plumming Bird

Catrice Plumming Bird (Velvet Matt lip cream) swatch
Catrice Plumming Bird (Velvet Matt lip cream) swatch

“Poor darling. Who told you you were matte finish?” Even though new Catrice Velvet Matt lip cream has nice finish and feels lovely on the lips, it doesn’t have even M from matte. This is classical cream liquid lipstick or pigmented cream gloss if you wish.

Price: 3,5 EUR for 3,4 ml (1 EUR/ml).

L.A. GIRL Matte flat finish pigment gloss – Bazaar

L.A. Girl Bazaar (liquid matte lipstick)
L.A. Girl Bazaar (liquid matte lipstick)

Medal for the quirkiest formula goes to L.A.Girl brand. They managed to produce sticky, moisturising lipstick with no transfer and with actual velvet matte finish. I can see why it has fan base, but I can not stand heavy sticky formula on my lips. And smell is not really pleasant either – plastic anyone?

Price: 7,6 EUR for 5g at Moja Drogerija (1,5 EUR/gram).

H&M Velvet Lip Cream – Screen Siren

H&M Screen Siren (velvet lip cream)
H&M Screen Siren (velvet lip cream)

Only liquid lipstick I would not repurchase. Patchy application, crumbly formula … I regret not buying H&M stain Maestra loves instead..

Price: 8 EUR for 2ml (4 EUR/ml).

You meet 16 brand I tried out. Which liquid matte lipstick is your favourite?

Primerjava 18ih mat tekočih šmink

Sleek Rioja Red, HM Screen Siren, Kat von D Susperia, Catrice Plumming Bird, Golden Rose 05, MAke Up Factory Velvet Rosewood, MilaniPrecious, Bourjois Nude-ist
Sleek Rioja Red, HM Screen Siren, Kat von D Susperia, Catrice Plumming Bird, Golden Rose 05, MAke Up Factory Velvet Rosewood, Milani Precious, Bourjois Nude-ist
Primerjava mat tekočih šmink: Pupa 012, Maybelline 05 Nude Flush, Misslyn 136, Jordana Rose Macaron, Stila Patina, Golden Rose 03, Bourjois Nude-ist
Pupa 012, Maybelline 05 Nude Flush, Misslyn 136, Jordana Rose Macaron, Stila Patina, Golden Rose 03, Bourjois Nude-ist
Kat Von D Melancholia, NYX Istanbul, LA GirlsBazaar, Oriflame Satin Rose, Pupa 012, Maybelline 05 Nude Flush, Misslyn 136 shade
Kat Von D Melancholia, NYX Istanbul, LA GirlsBazaar, Oriflame Satin Rose, Pupa 012, Maybelline 05 Nude Flush, Misslyn 136 shade

Na testu: mat tekoče šminke

Kat Von D Melancholia, NYX Istanbul, LA GirlsBazaar, Oriflame Satin Rose, Pupa 012, Maybelline 05 Nude Flush, Misslyn 136
Kat Von D Melancholia, NYX Istanbul, LA GirlsBazaar, Oriflame Satin Rose, Pupa 012, Maybelline 05 Nude Flush, Misslyn 136

*I got for review purposes: Jordana, Pupa, L.A. Girl, Oriflame.

23 thoughts on “Comparison: liquid matte lipsticks”

  1. Moje najljubše tekoče mat šminke so Jouer, Beauty Bakerie in Lime Crime. Sem sprobala tudi Milani metalics, Trend it up in Sleek, ampak se ne morejo primerjati z njimi (Milanijeva se začne kar luščit dol, Sleekova mi je preveč izsušujoča, Trend it up pa totalno neobstojna). Pa Colourpop so tudi v redu. Ampak žal se vse te dobijo samo prek spletnih trgovin in je pa loterija z odtenki.

    • Meni Jouer sploh ni bila všeč. :D Lime Crime pa bojkotiram že leta, tako da te nikoli niti ne bodo prišle v ožji izbor. :D

  2. Pohvale za tole objavo. :) Ti je zagotovo vzelo veliko časa. Sem slišala že ogromno pohval Pupe, ampak je nimam blizu in nočem na pamet kupit. Ta tvoj odtenek 012 je zelo lep, čisto po mojem okusu :). Jordana me je že zanimala, ampak če ni tako prijeten občutek na ustnicah, je ne bom imela. Imam rada mat izgled šmink, ampak imam precej suhe ustnice in mi te tekoče šminke še bolj izsušujejo. Drugače pa imam tudi Make Up Factory, Bourjois in sta mi obe presuhi. Zame najljubša formula je še vedno NYX, ker je najbolj vlažilna in lahka. Imam večinoma nude odtenke in ti vsi dobro izgledajo tudi po par urah :). Oriflame me je pa popolnoma razočaral. Neenakomeren nanos, vse se je nabiralo v gube, potem je kar v grudicah začelo odpadat…v glavnem, katastrofa za moje pojme.

  3. Od Pupe pa res morem preizkusit, ker sem prebrala že kar nekaj pohval. :) Drugače pa odlična objava, vsi odtenki so čudoviti. Ko bom želela preizkusit kakšno novo mat šminko, definitivno še 1x pokukam sem. :P

  4. Waaaaaw <3 Kar vse bi imela! Čudoviti odtenki, prav vsi so mi všeč in tudi odlično ti pristajajo. Sem pa sama tudi mat-oholic haha. Moram pa priznati, da sem tudi sama kupila zadnjič od Catrice Velvet Matte glos in me je zelo razočaral. Sicer je odtenek zelo lep, ampak ni niti malo mat – *sad face*. Defintivno pa moram preizkusiti še te golden rose pa me zanima kje si jih kupila (po možnosti v Sloveniji?). xx

    • Pri nas sem kupila Golden Rose. Jaz sem ga sicer kupila v City Parku (pri H&M), imajo pa še nekaj trgovinic. Catrice ga je tukaj kar pihnil mimo. So pa nove Essence mat šminke luštne, pa Catrice velvet šminke v svinčniku tudi. :D

  5. Sem se kar parkrat nasmejala ob prebiranju objave :biggrin: Sem mislila, da se bo Milani kaj višje uvrstila. Jaz je sicer nimam, je pa ful hypa.. Jordana pa praviš, da je za sprobat, gre na listo!

  6. Super objava!
    Sama sem zelo naudušena nad šminkami Bourjois Velvet in jih imam tudi kar nekaj v svoji zbirki :) Sedaj sem si kupila še NYX, ampak mi je še ni uspelo stestirati :)

  7. Kakšna huda objava! <3

    Večinoma so mi odtenki res hudi.

    Ampak tale H&M – je pa obupna. Lep odtenek, ampak tekstura se prav vidi kako je zanič. Grrrr.

    Meni so najboljše : Bourjois, Milani, Golden rose <3

  8. Ohh dear :) Tole pa je objava in pol! Vsi odtenki so prekrasni in hvala za iskreno mnenje o njih. Jap vseeno sem dodala kaksnega na ze tako dolgo WL ;)

  9. Res fenomenalna objava, prava poslastica in vsaka čast za tako obsežno in podrobno testiranje, si nas definitivno zelo razveselila :D!

    Jaz se za mat šminke (tekoče, netekoče..) šele ogrevam, imam par jumbo oz. v svinčniku mat šmink od Golden Rose in eno navadno mat njihovo šminko, so precej fajn. Od tekočih nimam še prav nobene, mislim pa da se bo tole spremenilo kmalu.. Me mikajo vsaj Jordana, Misslyn, Stila, Milani in Bourjouis :)

    Ti pa zelo pristajajo vsi odtenki!

  10. Odlična objava in prav vsi odtenki so gorgeous na tebi! :wub:
    Imava kar nekaj skupnih znamk – Milani, Fakeup Factory, Sleek, NYX (celo isti odtenek :D ), Maybelline; mam tudi precej podobno mnenje kot ti. :D Mi je pa daleč najljubši trenutno od Makeup Factory Lip Fluid, ker je izjemno, izjemno obstojen. :)) Trenutno so moje ustnice v kar dobrem stanju, tako da mi ta suha formula ustreza. :) Na splošno pa sem tudi jaz veliko ljubiteljica Bourjosovih velvetov, res so fantastični, jih mam kar 5! :P *ups*
    Sem pa tej tvoji objavi na WL dodala še Stila (škoda za visoko ceno) in Misslyn. <3 Ostale pa sem dodala na WL pred kratkim, vendar za določene nisem bila čisto ziher, če bi jih imela (naletela na mešana mnenja), vendar si me sedaj prepričala, da jih moram probati, to so: Golden Rose, Oriflame (zgleda res FANTASTIČNO na tebi!), Jordana. :P
    Trenutno pa še čakam, da k meni prispejo Pupa in Kat von D ter Sephora (zadnji dve, če bo vse po sreči – sem naprosila eno od naših punc, ki se potepa v tujini).
    Je pa res škoda za Catrice šminko, sem upala, da bo mat, ker je cena res zelo ugodna. :)

  11. Izčrpno! Evo, si me navdahnila, da mogoče tudi jaz svojo končno objavim. :D Sleek aplikatorji tudi meni niso najbolj praktični!Za Stilo sem pa od kolegic slišala, da so super. :)

  12. Omg, hvala za tole super objavo! Moja WL se je podaljšala za ene 6 šmink :P Pupa je čudovita pa MUF imam tudi že na seznamo nekaj časa. Milani sem ravno poskusila odtenek Gorgeous in je res kot ime pravi, ampak se res posuši bolj na suho. GR imava iste odtenke in se strinjam s tabo. Bourjois je eden prvih, ki sem jih imela v tekoči mat obliki, še vedno favorit tudi pri meni :P Za Jordano nisem slišala pohval ampak me zdaj malo mika, da vseeno poskusim. NYX ter Sleek sta že dolgo na seznamu, pa še nisem prišla do tam :P Super fotke, odtenki ti super pašejo, sploh tile svetlejši!

  13. Prav vse ti pašejo :thumb Najbolj me pa mikata odtenka Stila in Make-up factory <3 Samo ne raaaabim :D

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