Trend It Up Soft Matte nail polishes

Trend It Up is one of THE drugstore brands for nail polishes with many interesting shades and lines. As I now own more than 30 shades, I had hard time deciding where should I start with reviewing and watching. :D
One of the major fall 2016 trends are matte finish nail polishes + Soft Matte line offers only 4 shades in Slovenia, so I started with that one. :D

If you are not familiar with Trend It Up brand, I recommend you read this post first:

Trend It Up Soft Matte line polishes are housed in square bottles. As I am nail polish collector, I love those for easy storing, not to mention easier swatch making (I’ve been known to drop those weird shapes one or twice … or many times :D ).
They get plus from me for using lighter color for fonts on dark bottles. It really irritates me when brands stick to one font color no matter the polish shade = I can’t read some of the names.  :/

So, how does TIU see Soft Matte finish? They went with hybrid version – not completely matte so the avoided horror stories with few hour lasting power. But they did sacrifice super fast drying matte nail polishes are famous for. I found drying time so be satisfactory, but I did play the lady of the manor while it dried. Quick drying top coats are necessity not choice with my level of clumsiness. :P

Finish itself looks more plastic like than matte. It does last for quite some time if I avoid using hand creams all the time. Manicure itself was not as long lasting as with Metallic Dust or Double Volume & Shine line, but it still held for a 2-3 days (I have naturally hard nails). Frankly, I didn’t even have it longer on my nails as there are many pretty shades waiting to be tested. :P

Trend It Up Soft Matte laki za nohte

I tried out 4 out of 5ih Trend It Up matte nail polishes. I don’t think I saw middle purple one (050) in Slovenia.

Soft Matte 010 is muted pink shade and only problem child of the bunch. Application was “pastel” like. It wasn’t super hard to apply, but I did have problems following my sharp curve. As I had to use more polish, drying time was also longer.

Soft Matte 020 stole my breath away with rich and deep brown shade with little bit of red and purple undertone (depending on the light source). Application, drying time – no problems.

Soft Matte 030 was my maybe shade. I wasn’t sure it will go together with my skin tone, but was fortunately wrong. As this is also muted shade it is perfect for nail art, stamping … Can’t wait to play with it!

Soft Matte 040 is statement red nail polish with almost neutral undertone. If I only took into consideration formula quality, then this one would be the winner.

There is one downside to all Trend It Up nail polishes and I’m sure you will agree with me. Poor babies only have numbers and no names! :O What do you say we name them ourselves and save them from horrid 010, 020 etc numbers? Tell me in comment how would you name your favorite shade.

Price: 2,49 EUR for 11ml. Available only in DM stores (it’s a DM brand so duh Gejba :D ).

Trend It Up Soft Matte 010 pink nail polish
Trend It Up Soft Matte 010 pink nail polish
Trend It Up Soft Matte 030 purple nail polish
Trend It Up Soft Matte 030 purple nail polish
Trend It Up Soft Matte 040 red nail polish
Trend It Up Soft Matte 040 red nail polish
Trend It Up Soft Matte 020 chocolate nail polish
Trend It Up Soft Matte 020 chocolate nail polish

*received 2, bought 2

12 thoughts on “Trend It Up Soft Matte nail polishes”

  1. 030 mi je izjemno všeč. <3 Čeprav bom to kolekcijo verjetno preskočila, se pa izjemno navdušujem nad Metallic laki. :)

    • Mhm – Metallic so leeepi. :D Za 1x je še del redne postave, tako da ti ne bodo kmalu ušli. :D Jaz bi full imela še manjkajočega. Me zdaj skomina, da nimam vseh. :D

  2. 040 red je tudi moj najljubši in dejansko je tako nevtralen kot redko kateri rdeč. Rekla bi mu Buenos AiRed.
    010 pink pa meni res ne gre na ten. V steklenički zgleda precej lepše barve. Na meni vleče totalno na peach in zgleda obupno. Zaradi pič podtona – Machu Peachu.
    Imeni sta gotovo že kje ponucani med vso poplavo lakov, ampak se strinjam, da je polovica zabave pri laku izvirno ime :)

    • Jaaa – zabavna imena so polovica čaru pri nakupu lakov. :D
      Pri 010 sem opazila, da lepše paše na svetlejši in bolj nevtralen podton. Pred tremi tedni se je tudi na takrat temnejših rokah zdel bolj peachy.

  3. Izgledajo lepi <3 Samo me je pa razočaral lak iz Double Volume & Shine linije, tako grozne obstojnosti na mojih nohtih še nisem videla, pa mi običajno vse zdrži 4+ dni :( Morda dam priložnost še kateremu odtenku iz drugih linij

    • To pa je škoda, ker je ravno v tej liniji ogromno zelo uporabnih odtenkov. Pri meni je Metallic najbolj obstojna, če ti kaj pomaga. Mogoče poizkusi še z drugim po in nad lakom?

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