Essence nail powders (TUTORIAL, REVIEW)

We are deep in the metallic era. Everything shines at the moment. Matte lipsticks are sooo last season (and so are unicorns as I’ve been told). I mean, wear whatever you want, do whaterever you love doing. As long as you don’t hurt anyone or blind with tons of highlighter. ;) I am not telling anyone to follow trends. I am just presenting you the latest collection by Essence called Metal Shock, which is fully committed to the trend. Liquid lipstick, liquid eyeshadows, nail polishes … everything with a metallic finish. Wait what? Did I say nail polishes? No NO no! They went even further and followed yet another trend. Even cooler trend (if you ask me). They released nail powders. And YES, there is also a SILVER NAIL POWDER! Now you can do silver nails with chrome finish at home. By-your-self. For less than 4 euros (base and top coat not included).

Essence Metal Shock Limited Edition
Essence Metal Shock

I am assuming that this collection will be sold out very quickly. I was lucky enough and spotted a full display in one of my local drugstores (Tuš Drogerija, Moste, Ljubljana) and bought all three nail powders. I thought it would be interesting for you to see how do they look like on the nails and how is the application process. So I filmed the whole thing. My video is sort of unboxing + tutorial. I’ve never seen these powders in person. I haven’t watched any tutorials on how to apply these powders. I just followed the instructions. What you see in the video is my very first try. It is indeed very easy.

Anyone can do it!

How does it work?

The instructions are easy.

  1. Apply base coat to clean nails. Any base coat will work. I grabbed the first one I found in my drawer. I haven’t used a base coat in ages. I know … bad Maestra. No time. Bad excuse. But true.
  2. After a minute or so apply powder to each nail. With fingers. I suggest you rub gently. Don’t just dab on the powder. With rubbing you get nicer finish. You can be messy at this stage.
  3. Apply special water based top coat. Try to apply it precisely. Where the top coat is, there will the powder stay.
  4. Wait to dry.
  5. Wash your hands and remove powder with water.
  6. Done.

Watch the video and you will see it is indeed very easy!

As you can see from the swatches, the silver powder is fully opaque, while the other two are sheer. I bet these two would be great over dark nail polishes. Over dark blue or black.

I also bought silver liquid eyeshadow and violet liquid lipstick. Both are gorgeous! The color of the liquid lipstick is BAM! In your face. And for such a glossy finish it is surprisingly long lasting and it does stay in place. Liquid eyeshadow is my favorite product of the collection (with nail powders being very very close behind). It glides on the lid flawlessly, it is buildable. With one coat you get the shine, with two you get the bling. It stays on the lids perfectly. There is no fall out. It doesn’t feel heavy or dry on the lids either.

The collection is already being sold. If you can’t find it anymore, just wait. Metal Shock is a preview collection of products that are coming in the permanent range shortly. Some are reporting that new products are already available in some places. ;)

Essence Metal Shock LE Maestra Parokeets
Essence Metal Shock LE swatch
Essence Metal Shock LE Maestra Parokeets
03 on the lips

Essence Metal Shock LE Maestra ParokeetsAs both of me and Gejba loved silver manicure, we decided to give one Essence silver powder and top coat to one of our lovely follower.

All you have to so it fill the form bellow and answer one question in comments – Which of the new Essence products is your favourite?

Ends: 31.08.2017

10 thoughts on “Essence nail powders (TUTORIAL, REVIEW)”

  1. Oh, prepozna sem. Pa nič ne de. Tale prahec se zdi zelo obetaven. Liquid eyeshadow pa nasploh deluje res lepo. Je obstojen na mastnih vekah (po možnosti brez primerja :D)?

  2. Tudi meni je srebrn prah super. Zdržal mi je celi teden, kljub večkratnemu pomivanju posode. Mikajo me glossi, vendar jih prejšnjič ni bilo več na Ptuju. Te novosti bi morale biti v prodaji že junija. ?

  3. Tale sminka ki so je kupila je tooook hude barve dam jo ne bi uporabljala.
    Naj izdelek so mi laki metals, lustne barve pa vsaj vijolcno roza je dober za stempljanje.

  4. Jaz imam kar nekaj stvari, ki jih želim preizkusiti. Zanimajo me ti prahci za nohte, tekoči puder, oni marker za obrvi tudi izgleda zanimivo, pa glitter laki :D

  5. Jaz se veselim novega odtenka gela za obrvi in holographic highlighterja, ker mi je vsec ko se malo na vijolicno posveti:) tudi tele prahce za nohte bi rada poskusila:)


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