GOSH cosmetics once again available in Slovenia!

Some days are just perfect. Yesterday I had really lovely chat with my bloggers friends, and then rushed with our Maestra to get new light for filming.

Optimistic rushing moms we are, took shortcut  through Muller BTC (Ljubljana). Of course it was closed and we had to go long way around, but universe obviously wanted Maestra to spot brand new GOSH stand.
It’s been years since we had Gosh in Slovenia and it was sad day for us when they stopped selling it. :(
As you can see in our older posts – we LOVED them:

GOSH reviews: https://www.parokeets.com/en/category/znamka/gosh/

Anyone else remembers GOSH? What will end up in your shopping basket? :D

GOSH kozmetika stojalo
GOSH kozmetika stojalo

GOSH kozmetika Slovenija - novo stojalo

GOSH kozmetika - eyeliner, lipliner
GOSH kozmetika – črtala (eyeliner, lipliner)
GOSH: rdečila, podlage, kapljice za posvetlitev pudra
GOSH: rdečila, podlage, posvetlitvene kapljice
GOSH kozmetika Slovenija by Gejba Parokeets 05
GOSH kozmetika Slovenija – maskare, senčila za oči
GOSH - Nordic Magic omejena kolekcija
GOSH – Nordic Magic omejena kolekcija

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