The one and only ring that I have worn almost through the whole high school years. It’s mine again. Well not exactly that ring, but one just like it. The story is … My mother bought me this wonderful ring when I was in high school. I wore it everyday for a lot of years. I didn’t wear any other rings. Just that one. I loved it!!! And one day … I don’t know where and I don’t know how, I lost it. I was very sad. I wanted to buy another one just like it but I didn’t find it … until this Friday. I wasn’t looking for it at all … only there it was … my ring. In a fraction of a second it brought back a lot of nice memories. My eyes were filled with tears. Tears of joy and happiness. I’m thrilled that it’s mine again. Here it is with my crackled manicure.

Lencia ring and manicure: H&M - You Rock My World + Barry M - crackle
Lencia ring and manicure: H&M – You Rock My World + Barry M – crackle

Mom, thank you and I love you! :rose:

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  1. Tudi jaz nosim samo en prstan, ki pa sem ga dobila od strašev za 18. rojstni dan. Že 5,5 let ga nosim non stop in sem zelo navezana nanj. Če bi ga izgubila, bi bila tudi jaz zelo žalostna, tako da popolnoma razumem tvoje občutke ob izgubi.

  2. divan prsten i divna manikura :wub: znam kako je kad se vezes uz komad nakita pa ga izgubis, pa ga onda ponovno pronadjes nakon dugo vremena doduse ne onaj prvotni, ali isti :love:

    • Hvala! :rose:
      Hmm… ne vem, od kod bi ti bil znan tale H&M? Tega sem kupila v Bruslju. Ti pa si mi iz Nemčije prinesla (poleg ostalih) holo zlatega. :rose: A si to mislila?


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