Nail polish jewelry by Ginger Kitty DesignsGinger Kitty Designs zapestnica

Have you ever heard of jewelry made with nail polishes? Your favourite nail polish color in a ring, bracelet or necklace. Or just for fun a ring that is an exact match to your nails. Don’t you think that’s pretty cool?!? I was lucky enough to win in a giveaway, where I got a piece […]

FOTD: Simply orange (+ NOTD and my new ring)FOTD: Enostavno oranžno (+ NOTD in novi prstan)

Yesterday was a very lovely day. I spent the afternoon with my lovely Parokeets ladies and we had such a great time!!! Thank you ladies for everything! :rose: Lately I don’t wear much make up. Just a touch of bronzer and blush (they make a huge difference!!!), mascara and some lip gloss or lipstick. That’s […]

Mine again (+ NOTD)Ponovno moj (+ NOTD)

The one and only ring that I have worn almost through the whole high school years. It’s mine again. Well not exactly that ring, but one just like it. The story is … My mother bought me this wonderful ring when I was in high school. I wore it everyday for a lot of years. […]

Favorite jewellery at the momentTrenutno najljubši nakit

There’s not a lot to say or write about the jewellery that I wear the most right now. Here are the photos … I’d like to add only one thing. These are all cheap items I bought in different stores. Is there anything you’d also wear? Or is my taste in jewellery strange? O nakitu, […]

Fashion AccessoriesModni dodatki

My new obsession are accessories. Mostly rings and necklaces. As you already know Maestra is very good at making all sorts of accessories. Well I’m not. :wink: First two were made by girl that works in the same company as I do. On my nails is H&M – Goddess on Stage Last two I bought […]

My other obssesion – wrist watchesMoja druga obsesija – ročne ure

I usually wear them instead of jewellery (bracelet). First two are the oldest: Gucci and Casio (second one is man’s watch, memory on a very special person in my life). Third and fourth I wear the most: ‘no name’ led watch and Issey Miyake. Last two are my new ODM Pixel watch.  You can also […]