Revlon Parfumerie edition – Autumn SpiceRevlon Parfumerie edicija – Autumn Spice

[two_third]Revlon Parfumerie finally reached our little country, so I immediately bought Autumn Spice that seems to be for ages on my WL. Few months really, but it feels longer. :silly: Those of you who are not familiar with this edition – it’s collection of cute bottles filled with perfumed nail polishes. I’m not crazy about […]

Revlon Charming nail polish + stampingRevlon Charming lak + holo vzorček

One of the questions I was asked few times over the almost 5 years since this blog exists was why don’t we write more about Revlon. Since this is one of the top drugstore brands in the world. My answer was always the same – Revlon in Slovenia got stuck in time. We got nothing […]

Revlon – Lip Butters (review, swatches)Revlon – Lip Butters (opis, ocena)

Oh, the Lip Butters … everyone loves the Revlon’s Lip Butters and people went nuts about these little babies over a year ago. Moisturizing lipsticks or colored lip balms. A revolution?!? I had to find out myself. I bought my first two Lip Butters over a year ago in the States. A lot of the […]

Lipsticks: Fall favoritesŠminke: Najbolj uporabljene to jesen

Hey ladies! I guess I’m a bit late with this post, but anyway here it is. I’ll show you my favorite lipsticks and a lipstain that I’ve been using regularly this fall. Gejba, thank you for this – Golden Rose lipstick no. 58. :ahug: Very pigmented lipstain from Essence TE Vampires Love – Bloody Mary. […]

Revlon Lip ButtersRevlon Lip Butters

I finally got time to take all photos of my newest lip stuff. I already prepared few posts about that. First of all I’ll show you my Revlon Lip Butter collection. A friend of mine brought them from Canada. At the moment they’re not available here in Slovenia. That’s sooo not good. I love them […]

Swatches from Quick sneak peak post… :)Swatchi iz posta Hitri vpogled… ;)

These are all my new lipsticks that I’ve quickly showed you in my previous post. So the lippies are (from top to bottom): Essence – Look at me! Revlon – Succulent Berry Essence – Faiytale Kiko no. 613 Revlon – Lilac Shiseido – Iron Maiden Rimmel – One of a kind 1. Kiko no. 613  […]

Comparison: Illamasqua Sangers vs. Revlon Matte Really RedPrimerjava: Illamasqua Sangers vs. Revlon Matte Really Red

I borrowed few of Maestra’s beauty products to serve as “models” for Gallery images. :pic: Among them was Illamasqua Sangers lipstick. As I just recently bought Revlon Matte Really Red I guess comparison was almost unavoidable … and my Facebook friends said I should write about it. :biggrin: It’s always a nightmare to capture the […]