It’s time for clubbing

Today I have some sugestions for “clubbing appropriate” make-up and nail polishes.

First is the green make-up…

Sweetscents: Spearmint Glow - Shamrock - Black Shimmer - Satin SlipperSweetscents: Spearmint Glow - Shamrock - Black Shimmer - Satin SlipperSweetscents: Spearmint Glow - Shamrock - Black Shimmer - Satin SlipperFor this make-up I used NYX’s Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in shade Dark Brown as eyeshadow base. It is creme dark brown shade. Than I applied Sweetscents mineral eyeshadows: Green Ice, Spearmint Glow, Shamrock, Black Shimmer and Satin Slipper.

Next one is the Creative Nail Design‘s Sour Apple polish, which is a light pastel almost neon green color. And for this one, my boyfriend sad it is very “clubbing appropriate”

Creative Nail Design (CND) - Sour ApplerIt is a bit streaky to apply, but if you are careful enough, than you can get away with only two coats as I did. I love this color! It is so unexpected and so bold. After some time I tried something and added one coat of CND’s Leaping Lotus to Sour Apple. The end result was stuning…

Creative Nail Design (CND) - Sour Apple, Leaping LotusLeaping Lotus is beautiful blue-green color, but it is unfortunately sheer. You’ll need at least three coats to be opaque. But it is perfect for layering. It would be incredible over black but let’s leave that for other time.

The manicures above are definitely not for shy people and they will surely get all the attention they need But if you’re not into bold shades, I sugest NYX’s Las Vegas. A dark green jelly color with green shimmer to match the above make-up.

NYX - Las Vegas

What do you think? Would you dare to wear Sour Apple on your tips?

9 thoughts on “It’s time for clubbing”

  1. Tegale NYXa se pa ne morem nagledat…Maestra, to je tisti, ki si mi ga zadnjič pokazala, ane? Na nohtih je še lepši….uff

  2. Waaau!! Zeleeena :heart:  Odličen MU, si bom za kdaj sposodila idejo! Od lakov se mi pa najbolj dopade Leaping Lotus, ki je videti čudovit :wub:

  3. Ojoj, ojoj, Leaping Lotus, ne bi se ga branila :w00t: . Tale MU ti je, Maestra, pisan na kožo. No, kateri ti pa ni. Black Shimmer senčka je prelepa, zelen MU pa za dol past hud.
    In je bilo kaj od Clubbing-a? :whistle:

  4. ooohhh, make up uaaaau!! Zelena me je čist obsedla….in ta make up…jaoo….ok, zvenim ko debil, ampak sem brez besed hehe :blink:

    noro dober make up in zadnja slikca, ko je oko odprto….ma noro

    Pa NYX, ojoj, i’m in love :wub:

  5. Make up takoj kupim, “strupenkotov” se pa ne pritaknem. :devil: Čeprav mi je NYX lakec simpatičen. Torej – kam gremo žurat? :cool:

  6. OMG, make up je odličen! :heart: :heart:  Lakci so pa čisto tvoj stil, moj malo manj :devil:
    Sploh pa ne vem katera barva ti ne bi pasala. Superca :lol:


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