OPI – Brand New Skates

I have Anti-Valentine’s manicure on. So no red, pink polish for me. I chose gray one, but not on purpose. I only realized it was Valentines day after I got rose from the promoters in the mall.

This week I received OPI Tiny Toybox – 4 mini polishes from Holiday in Toyland collection. As usually I was impressed by “odd polish out” – Brand New Skates.

This is the first time I bought OPI polish, simply because I don’t like their color choices. But this set had me intrigued. Should I buy it or not – that is the question now. Well, as you can see, I caved in and bought it. It’s mini set anyway – so why not. An when I say mini, I mean four tiny tiny polishes. I don’t think I ever saw polish this small before. It’s perfect for me (3.75 ml), since I love to change polish regularly, I never use up those Gulliver sized bottles anyway.

If you want even application, you’ll need three layers. I didn’t use top coat because I wanted to test drying time and durability. I was not impressed with either and will be using fast drying top coat in the future.

Brand New Skates has gray base which is sprinkled with gold, green, orange (you could probably find more colors in there) shimmer. Usually gray color would wash out my warm based complexion, but shimmer makes all the difference with this polish. Thumbs up for OPI on this shade.

First picture was taken inside under bright light:

OPI - Brand New SkatesAnd because I couldn’t resist wonderful sunshine – other was taken outside in bright sunlight:

OPI - Brand New Skates

6 thoughts on “OPI – Brand New Skates”

  1. Sem bila anti … tako kot ti. :cool:
    Res je bila lepa.

    Lakec je pa zelo posrečeno zastavljen – siva + topel šimer. Zmagovalna kombinacija.

  2. O, všeč mi je: ker je šimrast, topel odtenek, mini steklenička. Mislim, da je ravno šimer tisti, ki me najprej pritegne. Laku da sijaj, globino, celo mavrico na sončni svetlobi. Moti me samo takrat, kadar so svetleči delčki preveliki in je nalakirana površina groba.
    Vrnica je bila lepa, kajne  :angel:

  3. Čudovito, Gejba! Tale odtenek pa tudi jaz že nekaj časa ogledujem, ker res izgleda čudovito!

    Torej si bila danes na Anti-Valentinovi manikuri :devil:


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