CND – Sour Apple and everything that goes with it

How to wear good such a unusual shade like CND’s Sour Apple? Let me just quick remind you, how Sour Apple looks like…

Creative Nail Design (CND) - Sour AppleIt is really an unusual shade and so eye caching. I wore it to a formal “prireditev” and I had to match my outfit with this vibrant light green. What I did?

I wore black clothes and matched the accessories with nail polish. I made a necklace for this occasion.

I had huge luck finding perfect “dokolenke”.

These are Max Mara “dokolenke”. The model is called Birra. The picture above is picture of the packaging, so it’s not me in the picture. I instantly felt in love with these “dokolenke”. They are just enough crazy for my Sour Apple nail polish.

Of course I also had to match my make up with my outfit. I decided for following eyeshadows: Fancy, Shamrock, Cornflower and Egyptian Desert from Sweetscents and Pearl Beige from Everyday Minerals.

For the eyeshadow base I used Revlon’s Eyeglide in shade Jade. And it worked perfectly. I tooke the picture above 10 hours after I did this make up. Awesome!

6 thoughts on “CND – Sour Apple and everything that goes with it”

  1. :wub: I wish you would have posted a picture of yourself in the outfit.  Sounds like you looked really good.  I like all the combination of colors.  I definitely have to get Sour Apple.  I love that color and it’s looks so pretty on you.  The eye makeup is fantastic.  Such a pretty combination of colors.

  2. Ribica, odlično! Mene vijolične sicer niso tako pritegnile. Te zelene so bile pa kot naročene! Juj, sem jih bila vesela :w00t:
    Mamy, hvala! Lakec je pa res tako sveže strupen, ki sploh ni preveč strupen :alien: Jaz ga tudi obožujem! Poleti bo pa sploh pravi hit!

  3. Neverjetno, kolikokrat pogledam tale lakec :heart:
    Očitno me tako zamoti, da pozabim pohvalit celotno opravo :whistle: . Tudi DIY verižica je prelepa, Maestra, obvladaš, ni kaj oporekati :cool:

  4. Tudi jaz sem danes šla po nogavice. Pa so mi po nesreči v torbico skočile še v vijola različici. :) Drugače pa – Maestra, krasno kot vedno.


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