Un-photogenic S-he 384 nail polish

For quite a while I debated whether to write something about S-he 384 quick dry nail polish, since not one picture (an I took a lot of them) came out as it should.

First I tried taking picture in daylight – they all turned blue. Lovely blue – but not even close to the real color.

S-he 384 quick dry

This is my suspect for all of my troubles – blue shimmer suspended in purple base.

S-he 384 quick dryI even tried to take picture in poor yellow light – but it came out to warmed toned.

S-he 384 quick dryThe color itself is pretty violet – but it clashes horribly with my warmed toned skin. My dad even asked me if I managed to miss 10 times while using a hammer.

I applied 2 layers and top coat – polish lasted for 4 days with minimal tip wear. I had no trouble with application.

Loved the almost metallic look, but won’t keep it because the color doesn’t suit me.

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4 thoughts on “Un-photogenic S-he 384 nail polish”

  1. Če so pa lepe. :heart:
    Tale lakec bi bil idealen, če bi vedno ostal take barve, ko je v slabše osvetljenem prostoru z rumeno žarnico. :smile:


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