Aura – where Sava and Danube meet

By Mamy

I didn’t forget about you or make up or cosmetics novelties. Today I have for you post about Serbian brand I came across in Belgrade – Aura.

Goga told me to check out their products and I was immediately impressed by their polishes. From their wide selection I choose the shades I don’t already have in my collection.

First shade is Aura Autumn Rain 803, with gray base and lots of shimmer. It applied well. There are two coats in the photo. Staying power and opacity are good.

Aura, 803 Autum Rain
Aura, 803 Autum Rain

Next is Aura M. Butterfly 606. This polish is cyclamen color with finely milled shimmer. I just love this shade .

Aura,  606 M. Butterfly
Aura, 606 M. Butterfly


I like the flatness of the bottle and its square cap. There is 10,5 ml of polish inside – just the right amount for me.

Of course I bought more than two polishes, but I’ll tell you more about them some other time.

I liked Belgrade a lot. City is interesting, dynamic, people are friendly. Do I have to say that barbecue was fantastic? :D

If you get the chance to visit city where Sava flows into Danube river, don’t forget to look at Aura polishes … and while there go have some cake in Moscow hotel.

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7 thoughts on “Aura – where Sava and Danube meet”

  1. :wub: Sounds like a good trip to me!  The polishes are very pretty.  I especially love the M. Butterfly.  Funny, I don’t think of Belgrade as a barbecue place.  I guess I only think of the States as doing barbecue.  That is very stupid of me.  I’m sure every country has barbecue of some sort.

  2. Gea, poročaj in uživaj v izbiranju :cool: . Odtenkov je res veliko, tako da se je težko odločiti.
    Ally, :whistle: :biggrin:

  3. Mamy, zelo všečne odtenke si izbrala! Hvala tudi za nasvete o Beogradu – bojo prav v kratkem prav prišli :cool: .

  4. Goga, pa drugič :wink:
    Ja, res sta lepa.
    Pozabila sem napisati ceno; ta znaša 255 dinarjev, kar je po današnjem tečaju 2,74€.
    Nanašajo se izredno lepo, tekstura je ravno prav gosta in zelo homogena.

    Gejba, ja brez odlašanja!

  5. Meni je kar žal, da jih zadnjič nisem vzela :whistle:
    Izbrala si pa lepa odtenka :angel:
    Pa fajn je slišat, da se lepo mažejo in da so obstojni :w00t:


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