Collistar – Caramello Perlo 49

Collistar – Caramello Perlo 49 is a new shade from their summer 2009 collection. It charmed me with its special shimmer.

Collistar - Caramello PerloIt’s a copper to brown shade with lots of irregular shaped golden shimmer to it. The shimmer is like small flakes, which makes this shade sparkle like crazy in the sun.

Collistar - Caramello Perla 49No application issues. Two coats in the picture.

Great shade for summer!

6 thoughts on “Collistar – Caramello Perlo 49”

  1. That is a gorgeous polish!!! I’ve never heard of the brand. I like all the irregular shaped glitters. Looks really pretty on you.

  2. Na tebi je čudovit! Pa tele bleščice so pa res luštne! :cool:
    Ampak meni pa ne bi odgovarjal – bakrena barva bi samo še bolj poudarila mojo (pre)svetlo kožo…


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