Stargazer – 123

The last Stargazer nail polish I have for you is Stargazer 123.

Stargazer – 123

123 is lovely violet nail polish, loaded with magenta and purple shimmer. Application was as difficult as with 225.

Stargazer – 123

It’s pretty color, but I was not overly impressed with it. It’s one of those colors even I would use Konad on.

Stargazer – 123

I used base coat and 2 layers of Stargazer 123. No top coat.

Price is around 2 EUR (3 USD) for polish.

This post is also available in SLOVENŠČINA.

3 thoughts on “Stargazer – 123”

  1. Your emoticons aren’t working. It’s a shame cause they are cute. This is a pretty shade of purple. It would look nice as a Konadicure.


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