EOTD with Eye Majic

A few days ago I was too lazy to do a proper make up, so I just grabbed my Eye Majic and make up was done under 5 minutes. I chose this combination…

Eye Majic - 10Eye Majic - 10

With a light touch of Gosh Velvet Touch Eye Liner and adding a mascara, this is what came out…

Eye Majic - 10Eye Majic - 10

This time the make up survived five relatively hot hours. Than I removed it. Pretty amazing!

I did a proper review on Eye Majic HERE.

Did you try out Eye Majic yet? What do you think of it?

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11 thoughts on “EOTD with Eye Majic”

  1. They also have this from 2b! I tried it once and it was really good!
    I stayed for long, only thing is that I had to adjust it to my eyes otherwise it was too much,
    but very easy if you don’t have much time! :)

  2. A res? Kolikor jaz vem, zaenkrat naj bi ga imeli v vseh Mercatorjevih drogerijah. V septembru pa prihaja zadeva tudi v DMje, če so moje informacije korektne. :wink:


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