Green With Envy marble

Today I proudly present my marble manicure…

MarbleFor the base I used one coat of Essie‘s Greenport. For the marbling I used S-he – 466 and Rimmel – Green With Envy.

MarbleMarbleI admit, I needed almost an hour to complete the whole manicure. And it was somewhat messy and the cleaning up took me a lot of time. Do I like the end result? Luckily I do. Was it worth it? I don’t know. I guess yes. I know for sure, that I won’t be doing any marbling for quite some time now. Too much work and I hate the bubbles. Do you have a hint how to avoid bubbles? Otherwise, the polishes I used, worked perfectly.

For the end one bonus pic from our trip to Metajna (Island of Pag, Croatia).

Pag - Metajna 2009

9 thoughts on “Green With Envy marble”

  1. When making the marble, use cold water and put tape on his fingers (on the sides of the nail and toes).
    Thus, it will not get dirty either.

  2. Zdravo!.
    Kak lepa zadnja bonus slikca ;) :w00t:
    Zanima me, če mi lahko poveš točno lokacijo slike ki si jo slikala na Pagu, ker zgleda voda tamle čudovita & vsako leto išečm nove plaže na pagu & tole bi prav rada “odkrila” ;))

    Hvala že vnaprej.
    LP :)


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