Ciate Paint Pots beauties

Ciate’s packaging is so beautiful with the ribbons and all, that you just have to love them.

Quite some time ago I bought just one shade to try out the brand. The shade is called 3 am girl and was a disappointment for me, because it was so dark. Almost black creme blue. Everything else was great. The application, the brush, the wear, the formula… everything was great. There are two coats in the picture.

Ciate Paint Pots - 3 am GirlA few months later I made a larger order…

The next two shades I already showed you before…

Ciate - Silk Stockings
Ciate – Silk Stockings
Ciate - Golden Globe
Ciate – Golden Globe

Apples And Custards is a beautiful creme light green. Two coats in the picture.

Ciate - Apples And Custard

Superficial is a perfect dark creme teal. Two coats in the picture.

Ciate - SuperficialCiate - Superficial

Vintage is a creme grey shade. Two coats in the picture.

Ciate - VintageCiate - VintageCiate - Vintage

I love grey polishes and this one is no exception.

The bottles are gorgeous and I really love all of the shades shown above (except the dark blue one). The formula on these is a bit too thick, so a few drops of thinner wouldn’t hurt. Everything else is perfect. The price is a bit high at £7 and up for a bottle. I ordered these HERE and HERE.

I wanted to rave about Ciate’s fast drying top coat, which is really super fast drying and is the fastest among all I tried, but there is a down side in the toluen included in the formula.

13 thoughts on “Ciate Paint Pots beauties”

  1. :wub: Sorry you don’t like the 3amGirl. Is that navy? I’m looking for a navy this shade. I have a mini bottle that I bought years ago from Bath & Body Works. It was called Hard Knock Life. It’s a blackish navy. This shade really looks good on me. For some reason the polish looks lovely with my skin tone. I love all of the colors your showing here. They all look lovely on you. The grey looks particularly nice.

    • Hmm… I don’t know, if I’d call it navy blue, because it is so dark. The picture above was taken with flash. I’d call it very dark midnight blue. I hope you’ll find a shade you’re looking for!

  2. :w00t: res so vsi lepotci…sploh Golden globe in Vintage :wub:
    Apples in Custard zgleda pa podoben China glaze For audrey…zdaj ga boš pa res morala naročiti, da narediš primerjavo :nails: :wink:


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