Some past nail polish hauls…

Today I have to show some of my past hauls. I’ve wrote before that I don’t like to write about those things, but some of you wrote that you like to read about hauls, so here are some pictures…

First three minis from Isa Dora. The minis are 4ml bottles. Here in Slovenia they cost 4,95€, but just across the border in Austria they cost 2,5€. What a difference!

From L to R: Sparkling Gold, Glitzy Purple, Mulberry Wine
From L to R: Sparkling Gold, Glitzy Purple, Mulberry Wine

In Austria I hunted down these little pretties from Claire’s.

Claire's - haulClaire's - haul

Shown above is a mini set of four polishes. The price for the set was 4,95€.

Claire's - haulClaire's - haul

Shown above are 9ml bottles. The price was 2,5€ for each bottle. The colors are pretty. Some are on the sheer side and are going to be great for layering. I didn’t include the names as there are only numbers on the bottles. No actual names.

My today’s NOTD is Claire’s – B76, a lovely shade of fuchsia with a lot of shimmer. It applied beautifully with two coats and it dried quite quickly without the fast drying top coat.

Claire's - B76

Next is another new shade from S-he Stylezone.

S-he Stylezone - 467
S-he Stylezone – 467

Last but not least I have my precious new Urban Decay polishes to show to you. I ordered these from eBay.

From L to R: Graffiti, Exhaust, AC/DC, Freakshow, Cult, X
From L to R: Graffiti, Exhaust, AC/DC, Freakshow, Cult, X

So, this is it for now.

Oh, yes… I would just like to remind you of our giveaway. It is open for all people out there, who are willing to participate. The rules and other detailed information can be found HERE.

Thanks for looking!

12 thoughts on “Some past nail polish hauls…”

  1. :wub: What pretty polishes! Love seeing them all lined up in a row. I’ve never used Urban Decay polishes. They really look like some exciting shades. Can’t wait to see them.

  2. Uaaaauuu kaksen nor nakup! To da nas v nasem Mullerju odirajo, je ze splosno znano dejstvo :((.
    Vsecni so mi tisti bonboncki (no pisancki mali), krasni so..  prav sline so se mi pocedile!

  3. ohh, te IsaDora lakce sem gledala v Mullerju…res veliko lepih odtenkov, ampak 5eur za 4ml?? Ma ni šans! Upam da swatchi ne bodo lepi   :devil:
    Za Claire’s sem ti pa pošteno fouš :stars:  bo treba it spet kej v avstrijo  :w00t:

  4. Kljub temu, da nisem ravno ljubiteljica barvnih lakov so mi  odtenki od Urban Decay zelo všeč. Mogoče je kriva embalaža :wub: :haha:
    Tudi jaz komaj čakam na swatche :w00t:


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