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Today I’ll quickly present to you few of the new products from Essence. They’re finally here! I quickly garbed few new polishes and turquoise mascara. I’m off to business trip so I don’t have much time to write this post. I decided to make quick swatches of polishes and present them to you in photo essay with almost no accompanying text.

Essence - NEW

Essence - NEW

Essence - NEW

For the end – green beauty All Access.

Essence - All Access
artifical light
artificial light


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the swatches. Where can you buy Essence? I’m in Norway, but I haven’t found these online anywhere.
    Have a nice day!

    • In Slovenia we buy Essence products in DM and Muller drugstores. You can contact manufacturer at info(@)cosnova.com. I hope you find their products in Norway.

  2. ohhh.. i like the green one.. does the name of the polish is “all access”? waaaa… i also like the spot on…thanks for sharing this to us…

  3. :skull: Like your new Halloween theme. Those are some pretty shades. I love the green the most since it’s my favorite polish shade. Do you celebrate Halloween in Slovenia?

  4. Ah, to je pa tut smola! Ko že mislim, da imam vse lakce, ki jih “rabim”, pa vidim tale post… :unsure:
    Spot On, Fabuless in All Access so prekrasni! :stars:

  5. Maestra, ful hvala za tale post, ker vem, da nimaš prav preveč časa :rose:
    Vsi so mi lepi. Na wl imam Spot on, Fabuless, Go wild in All access :nails:


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