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I’m sure almost everyone has at least heard about $OPI’s Metro Chic. A shade that instantly became most wanted and cult shade of the brand Sephora by OPI. To be honest, when I first saw an ugly swatch of it, I thought it was the ugliest shade of all times. :D But then gradually arrived some better swatches and the grey trend grew on me. I mean, I wasn’t totally crazy about Metro Chic and I thought I would never get it, but then it turned out this shade was meant for me. Me and my BF went on a trip to NYC. We stayed in a hotel just off Times Square. It was magical. I was in heaven. I would go back right away if I had a chance, but I wouldn’t live there, though. Back to beloved Metro Chic… I was all crazy when I saw a full rack of Sephora by OPI nail polishes in Sephora on Times Square. I immediately grabbed Metro Chic and two others. I was so happy and proud to own Metro Chic you can’t even imagine. :D I love the color now! It’s not your typical grey. It has some purple and brown hint to it. The consistency is a bit on the watery side, so you’ll probably need two to three coats to make it opaque and even. I only needed two coats.

So, that’s the story behind my Metro Chic. Here are the pictures…

full sun
full sun

Sephora by OPI - Metro Chic
Do your polishes also have stories? Please share with me your favourite story. And how do you feel about Metro Chic?


  1. :wub:I won Metro Chic from Vampy Varnish. I did love the color when I first saw it. To win it was even more wonderful. I really love this shade of polish.

  2. Katja se srinjam s tabo, res je dolgočasen. Kakšen konad gor :blush: Kaj praviš Maestra?
    V NY bi pa jaz tudi šla :wink:

  3. Tega imam pa tudi jaz – prav tako je iz New Yorka. Sem ga pa od junija do zdaj nanesla le enkrat … Mogoče pa pride na vrsto v prihonjih dneh. :nails:


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