Winter manicure with cute snowman

As you read in Maestra’s Haunted House manicure post our giveaway ends today at 23:59 (GMT +1).

Brooke from Getcha Nails Did posted about it on her blog together with two other contest/giveaways. Nail-Art World Winter Manicure contest cough my eye right away.

Yesterday I finally managed to do the manicure for Lisa’s contest.

Here are my entry photos. I like play of shade and sun in the first, but manicure is better seen in the second photo, but I’ll let Lisa decide which of them she likes better.

I used: Gabrini Elegant 371, Uma white nail art polish and Chez-Delaney H 7 plate. How do you like it?

Christmas manicure snowman

Gabrini Elegant 371 + Uma bel Konad lak + CD H 7

Gabrini Elegant 371 + Uma bel Konad lak + CD H 7

27 thoughts on “Winter manicure with cute snowman”

  1. gejba slin slin :stars: hočem to plato :blush:
    tudi jaz sem poslala fotografijo zimske manikure…če ne pridem naprej definitivno glasujem zate ! :wink:

  2. can i make a request? i would like to see the other design of the full nail pattern on the ip H22 (swirls) & H7 (inverted tip)…thanks in advance…

  3. mislmmmmmm al lahk nehate take lepe umetnine delat k pol me prou mine da bi karkol ustvarjala k je najlepš že itak gor  :angry:

  4. OMG :w00t:
    I kept hesitating about ordering from Delaney (have spent far too much money in polish related items this month already) but this is it! I’m going to order that plate immediately :biggrin:
    Your manicure is awesome, no wait…it is quite perfect in fact, I love it :wub:

    • Thank you. :blush:
      I know exactly what you mean – I bought a lot of new polishes and plates this month. But I say to myself – everybody need hobby and this is mine. :biggrin:
      I just adore their plates. :wub:

  5. Tale manikura je pa res lepa! :wub:
    Če bo slučajno treba glasovati, nam sporoči, sicer pa dvomim, ker boš najverejtneje odnesla prvo nagrado! :wink:

  6. But you are a genius!!! So beautifull so sweet…well done..i have finished the word… :nails:
    Love this nailart…i hope i can do on my nails… :think:
    Love your smile too :blush:

    • Thank you. :rose:
      Go for it – it’s not hard to do, you just need little bit of time and litter more of patients. :biggrin:
      We can’t live without smilies, so we naturally had to incorporate them in our blog. :silly:
      Love your blog btw. :wub:


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