Essence Moonlight powder brush

I found new Essence Moonlight TE too shimmery for my taste. So I bought only polishes and powder brush.

Essence Moonlight - powder brush

Brush comes in plastic bag. I found it almost impossible to get the brush outside the bag without damaging at least couple of bristles.

Essence Moonlight - powder brush

Brush measures 12 cm in length and has 4 cm wide hair at the widest end. I just love soft synthetic hair.

Handle is just the right length for me to allow for precise application.

Essence Moonlight - powder brush

I personally prefer larger brushes for powder application, so I use this one for applying blush and bronzer. I tried it with pigmented blushes and not so pigmented ones. I’m blush shy, so tap on the pigmented blush was enough for me.

Essence Moonlight - powder brush

The amount of resistance I get from the brush is just right for me. Not to stiff and not so soft.

I noticed nothing special while washing the brush – no wired smell or hair loss.

Now for my Essence brush wish list – I would like brush with bigger/wider hair, angled blush brush, then they can skip to eyeshadow and MMU brushes. Then I would be completely satisfied … if you believe me.

I paid 2,95 EUR (4.4 USD) for the brush.

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8 thoughts on “Essence Moonlight powder brush”

  1. I have lots of brushes. When I buy makeup on QVC they always include brushes. I wish they wouldn’t. Maybe a cheaper price instead of adding brushes. How many brushes can a person have!

  2. I absolutely love this brush- there was a little blush brush they’ve released in february and some rumours say that the blush brush is going to be in their standard rage in april- let’s hope for the best :)

  3. Tamara, ker gre za različnega uvoznika verjetno. ;)

    Tudi sama imam tale čopič. Vsekakor je vreden svoje cene. Do sedaj ni spustil še nobene dlake in je resnično izredno mehek. Moja edina pripomba je, da ne pobere dovolj bronzerja/blusha. Vsaj za moj okus.


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