My Christmas manicure morphed into a zebra manicure

My Christmas manicure, I showed you the other day, yesterday turned into a zebra manicure. The base color is already 4 days old, so please excuse the tip wear.

Alessandro - Be a Star - 295 + Konad - m57 with Collistar - Melanzana GlitterBase: Alessandro mini – 295
Konad IP m57 with Collistar – Melanzana Glitter


Collistar – Melanzana Glitter is a wonderful glittery polish with totally dark (maybe dark brown or even black) base and a lot of tiny douchrome flakes.

Collistar - Melanzana GlitterCollistar - Melanzana GlitterUnfortunately the macro shot isn’t sharp, but I guess you can still see the tiny flakes. Very pretty! If you can pick Melanzana Glitter I suggest, you do, because it is a great polish and it works great with Konad!

14 thoughts on “My Christmas manicure morphed into a zebra manicure”

    • Thank you! I loved the manicure too. Unfortunately, the Melanzana Glitter is that pretty only in the bottle. On the nails the duochrome effect isn’t that obvious and it looks almost black. But I like it anyway. ;)


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