China Glaze – Wagon Trail

Wagon Trail is a very dark olive green. Generally, I love such shades, but this one disappointed me. I thought the shimmer would be more pronounced, but it isn’t. You can barely see it in normal lighting conditions. And to top it off, I had some difficulties while applying it. It is well pigmented but it’s too runny for my taste. I prefer thicker consistency. The result of runny consistency was a mess around my cuticles and a lot of clean up. I tried with less polish on the brush, but than I couldn’t paint my nails because there wasn’t enough polish on the brush. Than out of nowhere one big drop of polish ran down the brush and dropped on my nail and I had a mess again. And I have similar problems also with some of my other China Glaze polishes. Am I weird or do you maybe have similar problems with ChG?

This post is also available in SLOVENŠČINA.

7 thoughts on “China Glaze – Wagon Trail”

  1. I’ve just bought it and haven’t tried it yet but I’m alredy a little disappointed to read that the shimmer doesn’t show up that much…that was the main reason why I had bought it: because the shimmer looked so pretty on the swatches I had seen :(
    I’ve had the same thing (with the big drop of polish dropping down the brush out of nowhere) happen with ChG polishes…I guess it’s the way their brushes and handles are made :angry:

  2. Aww… I’m sorry you didn’t like it much and that you had a hard time with the application. I think it looks great on you and this polish is in my top 20 for sure. I know what you mean about the application though. I find most of my ChGs with shimmer a bit tricky to apply but the colors are worth it :nails:  .

  3. :haha:  Saj sem si mislila, no.  :blush: Ampak od tebe – China Glaze loverke – itak drugačnega komentarja nisem pričakovala. :biggrin:

    Ampak res… tale mi je delal ful preglavic. Moram še 1x sprobat. :think:


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