As I said in my previous post, I was a bit disappointed in Wagon Trail, that’s why I decided to pimp it up with a bit of bling.

China Glaze – Wagon Trail + Avon – Golden Dream

Golden Dream is a clear polish with tiny gold flakes. If worn alone it’s completely sheer, but it’s ideal as a shimmery top coat. There’s one coat of Golden Dream over Wagon Trail shown in the picture above.

It seemed like a good ideal to make the manicure matte. I used Essie – Matte About You, which is the best matte top coat ever. You can normally buy it HERE, but I think it’s out of stock right now.

That’s it … Now I’m completely satisfied with the manicure.

And what do you think?

And for the end the matching EOTD …

Sweetscents: Myst, Olive Branch, Fancy; EDM: Aussie Perk Me Up

This post is also available in SLO.


  1. Meni je bil ta lakec že sam všeč, tako pa je samo še dobil piko na I  :biggrin:   MU pa je tudi čudovit…

  2. Wow what a beautiful makeup Maestra! The last picture is gorgeous!
    That’s actually how I thought Wagon trail would sort of look like initially…will have to buy the avon top coat now :w00t:

  3. Omojbog. :drop:
    Pa nisem navdušenka nad takšnimi odtenki…sem pa pravkar postala. Najlepše. :stars:

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