Package from Thriszha

Dear Thriszha sent me a package and I was all crazy about it, when I opened it. Look at all this gorgeous stuff …

Thriszha packageA lovely Christmas card her daughter picked for me! Thank you little angel!

A Konad and a Fauxnad plate, both with lovely designs. Love them!

Than two Guppy polishes. My first Guppies! OMG, these two are gorgeous! Love both of them! I already wore both and I’ll write a review on them soon.

Thriszha packageA glittery mini polish. So cute!

And than another cool thing … key chain … 3D engraved … and with changing lights! How cool is that!

Thriszha packageThriszha packageThriszha packageThriszha packageThriszha packageAnd a close-up …

Thriszha packageI’m so proud to own my own Burj Al Arab!

Thiszha, thank you!!!

p.s. Sorry for the nasty finger prints on Burj Al Arab cube. I should have cleaned them before I took the pictures with my new fancy DSLR camera.

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7 thoughts on “Package from Thriszha”

  1. Of course I posted it, sweetie. I also translated it in EN. HERE And I’ll soon post manicures with Guppy polishes. I have to tell you, I love Guppy polishes you sent me! :wub:

  2. wow!! i never thought that u have posted a blog about are LiL exchange gift.. :wub:  i only have 1 extra bottle of those guppy and I will give my spare bottle of guppy 64 to Nhirida..waaaaa!!  im really glad that u like the simple gift i send to u.. and hopefully guppy polish will be available again here in Abu Dhabi…i like their cream polish coz it’s so good for konading… :nails:


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