Veruschka with dragons

Ljubljana Dragon didn’t allow me to manicure it’s claws, so I did mine instead …

Zoya did a great job with the Matte Velvet Winter Collection. I already showed you the beautiful purple Savita. Today I have another beauty from the same collection for you. It’s a gorgeous green called Veruschka.

Zoya - VeruschkaThe application was good, but you should hurry a bit, when you apply mattes, because they dry very fast. The pictures show two coats of polish.

Zoya - VeruschkaPictures of Ljubljana Dragon inspired me to do a dragon manicure …

brez nadlaka
brez nadlaka
z nadlakom
z nadlakom

Zoya – Veruschka
Fake-Konad – B16 with China Glaze – Metallic Muse

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    • Hvala, lunca! V bistvu ni srebrna, ampak krom zelena, ki pa zaradi leska izgleda srebrno. In tudi krom lakci zaradi veliko teh srebrnih delcev izgledajo srebrni s pridihom barve. Vsaj večinoma je tako…


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