Guppy – 64 and 66

I got these beauties in a package from Thriszha from FAB UR NAILS. OMG, both polishes are amazing!!!

64 is a dark eggplant shimmer. Love it! The application was great. There are two coats shown in the pictures.

And a macro shot, so you can see the shimmer …

And this is how it looks with some Konad …

Guppy - 64 + Konad - m69 w/ Avon - Romance

66 is a wonderful olive green shade with shimmer and some tiny flakies. There are two coats shown in the pictures.

One of the best olive greens out there!!!

Specially for Thriszha I added some hearts to my manicure.

Guppy - 66 + Konad - m3 w/ Avon - Gold Foil

Thank you, Thriszha!

18 thoughts on “Guppy – 64 and 66”

  1. WordPress and Google are not the best of friends. :(

    You first have to Log out of the WP (if you’re logged in) and then log in with GFC (for commenting, you have to click on the Sign In bellow smilies).

    I love Guppy – 64 Avon  combo. :wub:

  2. WAUZER! :w00t:

    They are stunning!
    Lucky you…

    I can’t sign in with google friend connect, is there something wrong on your blog? :unsure:

  3. wow!! thats a great swatches plus konadicure.. U’re always welcome Maestra!! If ever guppy polishes will be locally available here i will send u more… :wub: :wink:  that 66/99  is my fave.. :nails: thanks!!

    • O, hvala, nala! Fotke so sicer malo starejše in so bili nohti res malo daljši, ampak zdaj prav tako kar pridno rastejo. Hihihi… Ta dolžina mi je sicer všeč na pogled, a me počasi začne motiti in jih potem popilim na krajše. :S

  4. Nimam besed! :drop:
    Guppy-jev najbrž ne bom nikoli imela… , Konad  M69 je že na WL.  :whistle:
    Ful prijazna punca tale thriszha.  :angel:
    Maestra, od kje mi ideja, da je Guppy 64 podoben enemu Opi-ju? :think:
    Uf, tole je za dol past lepo. :drop:

    • No, saj Guppy-je se da dobiti na eBay-u, mene edino moti, ker je le en seller in ta nima skoraj 100% feedback-a.
      Jap, Thriszha je res super punca!
      Hmm… za OPIja mi trenutno pade na pamet samo At Your Quebec & Call, a tega nimam in tudi ne vem, ali si imela tega v mislih. Sicer pa je morda Ciate Golden Globe na hitro podoben. Moram enkrat narediti primerjavo…


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