Gregorjevo day

By Mamy

Did you know, our dear readers, that we have our own version of Valentine’s day in Slovenia? It’s called Gregorjevo day – day for all of those that are in love, day when birds marry, day when days are already so long and we can turn of the lights … more on Wikipedija.

I have very special relationship with our feather friends. I already posted this photo on ARS forum. Is there anything more beautiful then bird song?

For todays manicure I used green Ciate Paint Pots – Stiletto, white Konad and images from: Chez-Delaney H30, Essence and Konad M3.

Since my thumb didn’t fit in upper picture …

I hope today is really special day for you.

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7 thoughts on “Gregorjevo day”

  1. Hvala, punce; thanks a lot, dear ladies! :rose:
    Res, en zelo lep praznik, tak prisrčen. :love:  Such a nice holiday, really! :love:

  2. i love the konadicure you did….
    about the new essence Le (be a nail artist ) how come they have the new things at your müller and we have to wait for the freakin’ shelves… well I guess i have to check it out…

    • i know 2 müller who are also quite fast with TE’s… but I’m still waiting for their new standard range and “there seems to be some difficulties with the delivery of the shelves”- and I’ve seen them carrying the new products into their storage room… quite frustrating- seing every country but austria having and selling these things :bljak:

  3. spuščanje gregorčkov :naughty: …
    :whistle: kako lepa sinička :w00t:
    Danes moram valjda spet pohvaliti VSE, manikuro, slike, … :happy:
    Ja punce uživajte :wave:


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