Holo Coraline konadicure

Today, I have a really special konadicure for you, dear reader. Actually, I made this konadicure specially for Cheska and Thriszha.

Because it was sunny today, I wanted to have a manicure that comes to life in the sun. What would be better than a holographic polish? I chose  Color Club – Wild At Heart, which is a dark purple holo. It’s very deep and a dream to apply. I only needed one coat to make it opaque. Look at this beauty …

In the shade.

In the sun.

Then I added some images from the Coraline Stamping Nail Art Set, which I got from the lovely Thriszha. Thank you!

Although I haven’t whatched the movie yet and I doubt that I would like it, I really love the whole set. The images on the plates are gorgeous, the special polishes are very pigmented and I adore the stamper. The only thing I don’t care about is the scraper, which is metal and I prefer them to be plastic. All in all I think you totally have to have this set.

Move on to the konadicure, which I made for Thriszha and her little Cheska. For Thriszha because she wanted to see, how the China Glaze – Emotion works with Konad. Thriszha, it rocks! And for Cheska because she loves the Coraline movie. Cheska, this konadicure is for you.

The pink stamps are made with China Glaze – Emotion and the silver ones are made with China Glaze – Sci-Fi.

I managed to do another konadicure I loved. I’m really happy! I hope you (and especially Cheska) enjoyed the konadicure as much as I did.

Thanks for reading! And thank you all for all the lovely (past and future) comments!

10 thoughts on “Holo Coraline konadicure”

  1. Super manikura :wub:  Te Coraline ploščice pa si že dolgo želim :whistle:  Pa risanka mi je tudi bila všeč, moj pa je rekel da ga je v depresijo spravla :roll:

  2. Luštno :) Tale Coraline film pa niti ni tako slab, pač risanka (rahlo temačna) :)
    Ampak ta vijolček je pa prav  :wub: :w00t: :stars:


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