Comparison: OPI – Jade is the New Black vs. Essence – In the Jungle

L: OPI – Jade is the New Black, R: Essence – In the Jungle

With flash.

You can see from the pictures above, that these are very similar but clearly not dupes. In the Jungle is a bit darker. But what’s the difference on the nails?

With flash.

Colors are very similar. The difference can mainly be seen in strong light, while in poor lighting these look almost identical. I can’t decide which one wins the color part, that’s why I’ll call it a tie.

Application on both is great. There are two coats in the pictures shown above. A tie again.

You know, I’m not an OPI brush lover, so I prefer the Essence brush here. The Show Your Feet line has a flat but not very wide brush. I like it very much. Essence wins the brush comparison for me.

The price … Essence is clearly the winner. It costs 1,95€ here and is probably even cheaper in the US (which is just unfair!). OPI is 13€ here and while it’s much cheaper in the US, I guess it’s still more expensive than the Essence polish.

I didn’t have any drying issues with either of them. A tie agan.

I can’t write anything about the wear time, because I didn’t test it.

I mean, these aren’t dupes, but you only “need” both of them if you’re a green lover. Otherwise, I think one of them should be enough. For me, Essence is the winner! Great job!

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16 thoughts on “Comparison: OPI – Jade is the New Black vs. Essence – In the Jungle”

  1. A friend has the OPI and I love its look on her but I couldn’t bothered to purchase it online (here it costs 15€, better prices abroad). I bought at least three other cheaper polishes to get a similar colour, they are close but not the same, but for the price of one bottle I have three ;)

  2. oh yeh.. i love essence in the jungle.. thank u so much maestra for givibng me a chance to have all the essence polishes that Im lemming for.. its all started with all access… NOT I got ALL ACCESS for the essence polish because of u… a million hugs & kisses!!!!
    thank u so muchhhhhhhhhh!!!!! :party: :love:

  3. Mene pa zanima če bi katera lahko pisala nekaj o Essence preurejanju stojal. Najbolj me zanimajo laki. Sem jih vidla na Essence strani in so mi zlooo všeč. Me pa mika da bi jih videla v živo. Vem, da nisem najbolj na pravi temi. Drugače pa Essence – In the Jungle je pre-lep . :stars:

  4. Joooj! Kako sem bila jezna, ko sem odkrila da imajo v USA cenejsi Essence! GRR, kot da nimajo ze dovolj poceni reci!
    Je pa res, da so lake pocenili.. prej so bili okoli 2,45€


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