Magnetic – holographic polishes

While visiting Cosmetic Fair in Celje, we came across unknown salon brands. We had no idea there are so many of them. So we decided to get to know them better.

Last week Maestra and I visited Studio Maya in Ljubljana where they sell Magnetic products and they kindly offered us to test some of their products.

We liked the way they have everything nicely organized by type – polishes together, salon equipment together …

I noticed interesting silver holo on fair, but they had so much traffic that I gave up and went home without it. This time I got my hands on it.

I was surprised to see gorgeous deep purple holo and then lighter violet one caught our eye. We weren’t sure weather lighter one was actually holographic or not – it had the right kind of shimmer, but we saw no holo effect. When in doubt … take it home.

Magnetic: Powerful Purple, Spact. Stone, Shimmering Silver
Magnetic: Powerful Purple, Spact. Stone, Shimmering Silver

Let me show you swatches of all the holos we got.

Shimmering Silver is silver holo with tendency to lean on the bluish side. I used top coat only on my pinky.

artificial light

Powerful Purple is the polish we were wondering if its holographic or not. Sun revealed the truth. :D


Holographic effect is more subtle than in Shimmering Silver, but you can not miss it in the sun.

artificial light

Last one is my favorite – Spact. Stone. Now this was love a first sight.

Interesting thing is, my first association was, that this polish is in the same league as OPI – My Private Jet. They’re not similar in color but in the classy elegance that shines from them.

I left Magnetic Spectacular Stone on my tips, so top coat went over it.

Magnetic Spectacular Stone
Magnetic Spectacular Stone (sun)
Magnetic Spectacular Stone
Magnetic Spectacular Stone
Magnetic Spectacular Stone
Magnetic Spectacular Stone (artificial light)

I’m in love. Does anybody know whether Spact. Stone actually means something or they just made up the name?

Staying power was OK – nothing special but it didn’t chip in the 2 or 3 days I had it on. I guess holo polishes don’t work as great with very fast drying top coats as Essie Good To Go – it’s probably drying the polish way to fast so it starts to chip really fast. INM Out The Door is better choice for me.

I had no problems with application. I used 2 layers on all the photos.

Price is acceptable – 6 EUR (8 USD) for 15 ml bottle. Group photo for the end.

Powerful Purple, Shimmering Silver, Spectacular Stone

Maestra will show you her polishes and interesting nail art.

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