Color Club Wild At Heart goes matte

After seeing  Color Club Wild At Heart swatch, our reader Purple_rain wondered how would this purple holo polish looked like in matte version.

Just for Purple_rain – Wild At Heart + Essie Matte About You:

Color Club - Wild At Heart + Essie Matte About You swatch

I used two layers of Wild At Heart and one layer of matte top coat.
So – which one do you prefer – shiny holo or matte version?

22 thoughts on “Color Club Wild At Heart goes matte”

  1. Oh, it’s quite cheap compared to konad. :happy:  Okay, so now I hope that I will go in summer to Germany or Poland. :D

  2. I mean when you colour your nail with one colour, put on the shiny coat and then when you do the art with the konad instead of using a colour polish, use a matte clear. Everything would be the same colour but the art would be in matte. I think it would look  nice, but only on bright colour – yellow, pink, blue. I would love to try it, but I don’t have a stamping kit. :ermm:

  3. Well, did you try do it a konad with only this matte top coat? :) I don’t know if you will get what I mean. ;/

    • Actually it’s a little bit tricky. Since it turns matte right away, you think it’s completely dry … but it’s not. I always put regular topcoat over the polish and then add matte top coat.

  4. Na splošno mi matirani laki niso všeč in mi je varianta brez matiranja, sploh na holo laku, veliko bolj všeč. Ne morem pa prezreti, Gejba, kakop lepe nohte imaš, popolno oblikovane. :thumb:


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