I recently found a great scarf at C&A. I loved it the second I saw it and I knew I had to have it. And it was only 6,90€.

L.A. Girl - Disco Brites - Turntable + scarfThe colors are a bit too blue. IRL it’s more turquoise, blue and teal. On the left you can see a nail polish that was sent to me by Lyra a loooooooong time ago. I’m so sorry I didn’t post it yet. The thing is. Lyra thought of this polish as “the ugliest polish in the universe”. And she sent it to me with a challenge to make it prettier. I turned out to be a challenge, because I found the polish pretty from the start. I love such shades and this one is just up my alley. So, how can I make it even prettier? Or how can I transform it so that Lyra would like it? It was a difficult task and I just didn’t have an inspiration until recently. Luckily I bought a new scarf.

First let me introduce you to the nail polish L.A. Girl – Turntable from the Disco Brites line.

Swatch: L.A. Girl - Disco Brites - Turntable
2 coats

Turntable was a nightmare to photograph. The original pictures were way off. I played with Photoshop a bit and I think that the color in the photo is close to what you would see in real life. Maybe it’s a touch too dark. I mean, every polish changes depending on the light and everything. Not to mention that every monitor shows colors a bit differently. I gave it my best to show you this beauty but I’m no professional.

*Note that in the next pictures the color of the polish hasn’t been photoshoped to real life hue.

As I wrote before, the scarf was my inspiration for a manicure and that is what I came up with.

Konadicure: L.A. Girl - Disco Brites - Turntable + sponge Twinkling and white + Konad m57 w/ black
L.A. Girl – Turntable (2 coats)
L.A. Girl – Twinkling  and Konad special polish – white (sponge technique)
Konad IP m59 with Konad special polish – black

Konadicure: L.A. Girl - Disco Brites - Turntable + sponge Twinkling and white + Konad m57 w/ blackKonadicure: L.A. Girl - Disco Brites - Turntable + sponge Twinkling and white + Konad m57 w/ black

Lyra, thank you for sending me Turntable! As you already know, I love it!

I was very happy with the end result. Lyra, do you still think that Turntable is ugly?

What do you think?


  1. Wau res si ga polepšala :wub:  Zdaj pa mi ga pošlji nazaj :haha: (hecam se) :devil:  
    Nihrida ampak meni je ta lak res bil grd, takoj ko sem ga dobila  sem si mislila: kaj za vraga sem si to naročila :scared:
    In Maestra je me je zelo navdušila z svojimi članki ko je iz grdobcev delala lepotce tako da sem se spomnila na njo :rose:   Super si to naredila, zdaj že razmišljam ali si ga naj spet naročim :blush:

    • Lepo, da ti je všeč, kar sem ustvarila. :nails: :party: Brez problema ti ga pošljem nazaj, ker saj veš… enega že imam od prej. ;) Tega pošljem nazaj, ti pa mi pošlješ kakšnega drugega “grdobca”. :haha:

      Se bom pa potrudila, da naredim še kakšen prispevek na temo grdih račkov in labodov. ;)

      .-= Maestra´s last post … Look what I found in a 75 cent shop! =-.

  2. Zanimiv odtenek, ki gre krasno k novemu šalu. :wub:

    Sem se ravno danes ubadala z enim nagajivim odtenkom, ki noče in noče biti zelen. :hmm:


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