Illamasqua – Body Electrics

By now you have probably already heard that Illamasqua’s Body Electrics limited edition for spring/summer 2010 is now available.

Illamasqua - Body Electrics promo
photos used in collage are property of Illamasqua

Illamasqua is brand that caters to those that are looking for something different.

This time they have prepared for us:

  • Illumine Oil in two shades – Volt and Pulz – price 36 EUR;
  • kabuki body bush – price 43 EUR;
  • Liquid metal cream in Surge – 19 EUR;
  • Liquid metal palette with four shades – Enrapture, Surge, Solstice, Phenomena – price 33,50 EUR;
  • Gleam Cream in Flex highlighter – price 26 EUR;
  • Writhe and Burnish bronzers – price 23 EUR.

Most interesting products for me were polishes … like that is big news. :D

Polishes cost 15 EUR per bottle.

Force – electric blue shade:

Illmasqua Body electrics LE Force polish
photo is property of Illamasqua

Jomina – muted violet:

Illmasqua Body electrics LE Jomina polish
photo is property of Illamasqua

Prism – iridescent blue … my favorite from this collection:

Illmasqua Body electrics LE Prism polish
photo is property of Illamasqua

Which products cough your eye?

You can buy Illamasqua’s products at their on-line shop.

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