KOTD: Little Buttons and Bags

Yesterday, Tamara from Cherry Colors blog suggested what manicure should I do. She suggested, that I do a soft base and than some crazy Konad on top of it. I took the challenge and started with three coats of Jessica – Flight Of Fancy, a shade from the Daydreaming collection. It’s very soft pink coral shade.

Jessica - Flight Of Fancy

I loved the color and the shimmer in the bottle, but it didn’t look that good on my nails.

Jessica - Flight Of FancyBut the shimmer is adorable. Like little crystals …

Jessica - Flight Of Fancy

OK, I had a soft base, but what crazy Konad could I do on top of this shade? I didn’t want some random crazy Konad, I wanted a konadicure that would be a bit cute, a bit over the top and that would represent something. I ended up with colorful buttons and bags on my nails.

Jessica - Flight Of Fancy + Konad m16 with China Glaze - Sci-Fi and Harmony, Essie - MesmerizeJessica – Flight Of Fancy – 3 coats
Konad m16
China Glaze – Harmony and Sci-Fi + Essie – Mesmerize

Jessica - Flight Of Fancy + Konad m16 with China Glaze - Sci-Fi and Harmony, Essie - Mesmerize

I love bags. And the buttons just seemed cute. :D

At the moment this is my favourite bag …

What do you think about my soft and crazy combination? Does it look crazy to you? I don’t think it’s crazy, but it’s definitely something that I wouldn’t normally do. But I quite like it. Do you like it? Honestly …

10 thoughts on “KOTD: Little Buttons and Bags”

  1. Ooooh kaksna torbica! Manikura je pa prav posrecena! :D
    Jessica lakec mi je posteno vsec, prav za kaksen lazy day samo se mi dozdeva da ni low maintenance… :( V smislu das gor, se hitro posusi in potem si lahko mirna par dni…


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