The sun is shining and we finally have warm spring weather.

Today I have for you light green shade – Catrice Sold Out For Ever (no. 240). Photos are from my photo archive but this is also my NOTD.

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer: 200, 220, 240, 250

Gorgeous mint green shade has a lot of green shimmer, which is darker than base and very finely ground up.

Catrice - Sold Out For Ever swatch
Catrice – Sold Out For Ever: sun

If you can nicely see the green shimmer in the bottle, it looks something like this on the nails.

Catrice - Sold Out For Ever detail
Catrice – Sold Out For Ever: shimmer
Catrice - Sold Out For Ever swatch
Catrice – Sold Out For Ever: shade

I used two layers of Sold Out For Ever without top coat. Application was not as flawless as with most of the other shades, but it was still not difficult. I did notice that I applied it with less fuss on shorter nails though. :D

This post is also available in SLO.


  1. Vsi štirje iz zgornje slike so čista perfekcija in upam, da pridejo v moje roke preden bodo zares sold out.  :wub:

  2. Pretty! I must admit I mostly bought it because I read it’s a Chanel dupe. Mint greens aren’t the greatest color on me but my sister has requested this as a mani four times already and that’s unheard of !

      • Uhhh, s tem se pa ne strinjam. :roll:  Konad nobenega lakca ne pokvari, ampak iz njega potegne samo najboljše. :biggrin: :naughty: :angel:

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