p2 – Stormy (no. 207)

As you already read, Mamy got lots of fantastic polishes from Germany. One of them became mine.

p2 Stormy bottle

Since p2 swatches are quite rear, I randomly picked out p2 Stormy. I just new it would be pretty.

p2 Stormy swatch
p2 Stormy: sun

I’m once again amazed with the depth of p2 polishes and I would love to meet people responsible for mixing these shades.

This light beige base has a lot of goldish-bronze and little bit of multicolored shimmer. And depending on how much light falls on the shimmer, this shade turns from grayish-beige to goldish-beige color.

p2 Stormy swatch
p2 Stormy: shade
p2 Stormy swatch
p2 Stormy: artificial light

Application was great. I used two coats.

I was looking for polish that I could wear when I wanted to have polish on but could not use bold colors – I think this is it.

You can buy p2 polishes in DM drugstores in Germany. They cost 1,55 EUR. I have few more on my WL, but Germany … 

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