When wish list comes true

By Mamy

I’m probably not the only one that keeps her cosmetics WL by the computer. 

So when somebody close to you goes on business trip, you have to make your dreams come true. Right?

Thank you Bauma fair in Munich  you’re responsible I got a lot of  H&M and P2 polishes.

H&M, P2, Esprit, nail polish
H&M, P2 and Esprit

Making a WL was huge project not to mention finding stores that sell the items on it. Other Parokeets were very amused by the mile long list I made.

I could hardly wait for them to depart And off they went. I was very impatient and kept checking my mobile phone for new messages.

Finally! I got SMS that raid: “We got 11 H&M polishes, they didn’t have all of them.” … next evening there was MMS with accompanying text: “We got p2 polishes and one Esprite …”

I dreamt about polishes, arranged them in my drams. That was something huge for polish-holic.

Today’s post is little bit confusing since I had no idea how to show you all of the polishes. Well – it’s reflection of my enthusiasm.

Here are photos of pastel/cool/warm/blue/brands etc. combos.

H&M nail polishes
H&M polishes
P2 nail polishes
P2 Color Victim
P2, H&M
P2 and H&M
P2, cold
P2, cool tones
P2 and H&M
P2, H&M, blue
P2 and H&M, blue
P2 and Esprit
P2 french, Esprit Metallic Blue

Which one should I try out first? That was really tough decision.

The winner was p2 Flamboyant. Lively summer color – more coral than orange. I used two coats, but third wouldn’t be amiss. I didn’t use top coat, and had no problems with application.

P2 Flamboyant
P2: Flamboyant

Thank you dear readers, for allowing me to share my joy with all of you.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Interesting things are in store for our readers in the near future …    

33 thoughts on “When wish list comes true”

  1. Wow, what an amazing haul.  Hooray for wishlists and friends who travel!  I’m off to Germany in a couple of weeks, hoping to pick up lots of nice things, I’ll look out for P2 and fingers crossed for Catrice too

  2. wow!!!! :w00t: thats amazing!!! I only have 2 p2 polish hahahhaah!! ohhh u’ll be very busy on swatching those!!! i’ll be looking forward for ur swatches!!! :pic: :party:

  3. Kako mi je znana tale zgodba. Tudi sama sem predkratkim iskala H&M v Stuttgartu, kjer prodajajo
    lake. :haha: :haha: :haha: Pa sem ga našla :stars: :cool:
    Tale zbirka je pa itak za dol pasti in spet ju je treba pohvaliti! :drop: :drop:

  4. zdaj sem imela kr odprta usta ko sem videla tale post :w00t: krasno!! :wub:
    .-= Lyra´s last post … My Birthday Manicure =-.

    • Hvaležna sem jima, da vedno in povsod oprezata za laki ipd., kadar mene ni zraven.  Čeprav sta na dolgo in široko razlagala, kako je bilo na sejmu, moram priznati, da je šlo večinoma mimo mene.  Pogled na vse lepotce je bil resnično obremenilen za srce. :scared:

  5. OMG! Naslov posta čisto povzame vsebino :stars:  krasne nove pridobitve, se že veselim novih slikic  :cute:   res škoda da teh lepotcev ni za dobit pri nas  :angry:


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