Color Catchers and removing glitter polishes

It all began with glitter polish removal …

Lately I had quite a few glitter polishes on my WL – Nfu-Oh, Zoya Sparkle collection, OPI Absolutely Alice … But every time I started to think that sooner or later I would have to remove the polish, I changed my mind about buying glitter polishes. Maestra suggested I use felt and stronger nail polish remover for easier removal.

But I had to go to the other part of town to buy felt and then cut it up to smaller peaces … and I was just to lazy.

Glitter polish was already on my tips and in dire need of being removed, so I started to look around the apartment to see if I could use something else instead of the recommended felt. Ideal Protect dye-trapping cloths caught my eye.

After seeing the end result, my face looked something like this – . :D

I just hold cloth soaked with nail polish remover pressed on my nail for a few seconds  and then gently remove all the glitter.

Most of the time I use Ebelin nail polish with biotin and argan oil (DM brand) for problematic polishes. Those of you who don’t have problems with acetone removers, try those instead – you’ll get even better results. Unfortunately my cuticles hate acetone.

It didn’t take long to find out that they work great for removing excess polish from image plates. And with no lints!

You can also us already used color catchers. I like them even better – they don’t have the unpleasant smell of the new ones and they more soft. But I recommend only the ones that didn’t pick up too much color – like the last one in the bellow photo. I don’t use used ones for removing polish from the image plates since they tend to leave behind a lint or two.

Ideal Protect - Removing glitter polishes

I just cut them up and that is it:

Ideal Protect - Removing glitter polishes cut

If I summarize:

  • polish removers take longer time to evaporate from dye-trapping cloths than cotton pads;
  • you don’t end up with half of the pad mixed up with glitter on your nails;
  • works great for removing bleeding polishes;
  • you can use color catchers for lint free removal of excess polish from image plates.

I’m sure other brands are good to, but I prefer Ideal Protect ones. The cost little bit under 5 EUR for 20 cloths.

12 thoughts on “Color Catchers and removing glitter polishes”

  1. Kje pa se kupi ta poceni filc? :undecided: Ker jaz sem ga videla v hobby trgovini, velikosti je bil A4 in je bil kar precej drag, mislim da med 2 in 3 €…

    • Nimam pametnega odgovora – filc je zame filc. :silly: Dostikrat so iz njega narejene otroške igrače,
      okraski …

      SSKJ pa pravi: blago iz med seboj prepletenih ali zlepljenih naravnih ali umetnih vlaken; polst: copate iz filca / valjani filc

  2. I just called my mom telling her to buy these color catchers for me. I hope they work good! I hate it when pads stick to my nails.

  3. Super ideja!
    Jaz pa namesto vate uporabljam blazinice za odstranjevanje ličil in imajo podobne lastnosti kot te krpice, ker se tudi ne cufajo.
    Ampak pri bleščičastih lakih imam še vedno probleme, pol ure drgnem in na koncu so bleščice povsod… :blush:


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