Fake or Not: Nubar Diamont top coat

A while ago Maestra and I bought Nubar Diamont top coats on Ebay.

A lot of bloggers complimented Diamont’s fast drying time, but after I tried it out couple of times, I can only say that this is one of the slowest fast drying top coats I own. And since Maestra complained about it’s drying time too, there are only few possible answers.


  • we stumbled on the weird series;
  • our “fast” drying time means something entirely else than it does to others;
  • they’re fakes;

The third option is the quickest one to confirm, so we would like to ask our fantastic readers to help us out.

If any of you owns Nubar Diamont top coat and you’re positive it’s not fake (bought directly from Nubar or one of their resellers), could you please compare your bottle to ours and tell us if you spot any differences?

Nubar Diamont top coat bottle

Thank you for your help girls.

8 thoughts on “Fake or Not: Nubar Diamont top coat”

  1. Hi, looks like you’ve got the right bottle because there is the famous misspelling “resluts” ;-) Seriously, I noticed the difference when I opened my latest bottle of Diamont: like Michelle says, it is much thinner than before and the smell is different. I wasn’t in a hurry so I didn’t noticed any difference in drying time, but the old one surely was FAST. Hope they will change the formula back!

  2. Nubar apparently (maybe?!) has a new formula for Diamont. I never had problems with mine and it was my holy grail of top coats but I bought a new one and it was thin as hell, not that quick drying and it smelled different. I’m not the only one who has experienced this. You can always email Nubar – might have to do that too because I’m curious :-)

    • They too changed their formula?  :sorry:

      I see my next post will have to be – are there any really fast drying top coats left out there. :nervous:

      Nubar will be my next stop to check it out if we got real deal or not. :yes:

      • I’m not sure if that it’s the fact but we’ve talked about it on Twitter (he he heeee) and we all experienced the same issues. The bottles are the same but it has changed a lot! 

        I have great experiences with the ‘David’ top coat, maybe you should check it out: http://www.idonails.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=1602&osCsid=5835a4cba49c71178b7c2e8895dbb2ee


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