Package from Ukraine

I had Golden Rose holographic polishes on my WL for ages now. Mademoiselle C. kindly offered to hunt them down in Ukraine.

In the end, only one Golden Rose holo ended up in a package, but fantastic Mademoiselle C. managed to find a lot of other gorgeous polishes for me.

And lucky for me she did, since my Mr. Murphy was at it again. From more than 20 polishes in the package, only one polish didn’t survive the trip. Yup – you guessed it – Golden Rose holo.

Polishes are feeling a little bit shy today – so they chose to pose in a bowl.  :D

Package from Ukraine - group photo

And take a look at Golden Rose Multi dimension št. 11 I received as a gift.

When will I manage to try out all the polishes? This year … I hope. 

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26 thoughts on “Package from Ukraine”

  1. Sorry to hear about the dead holo one :(
    But I’m glad you finally recieved the package quite fast ! If you need anything, just ask :wink:

    • Thx. You were really fantastic partner in crime. :rose:

      I’m sure I’ll simply need more of the beautiful polishes they sell in Ukraine. Parokeets were already joking that we really should visit your country. :biggrin:

  2. Oh wow ! So many goodies!
    Golden Rose seem to have a lot of great polishes!
    Can’t wait for the swatches!  :happy:


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