For my favorite math whiz girls

I was reading comments on my Layering: Butterfly 387 and CND Sapphire Sparkle over Gabrini 371 post, when I came across two comments made by my favorite math whiz girls: Maestra and zabica.

In short – Maestra needed some extra time to figure out which finger is which on my photo, then zabica started to wonder if Maestra really liked mani on the ring finger better than other one …

First off I had to make sure if I really named the fingers correctly – so I checked with my boyfriend and Nina (friend who’s pharmacists). They had me that rattled.

My naughty half decided to play around and do the finger collage … just for fun of it. :D

Let's name the fingers by Parokeets

The smallest one sure has lots of names.

I would love to add names of the polishes to my comparison pics, but I usually run out of time to add that final detail.

I’m wearing Diamond Cosmetics – Don’t Teal My Heart Away polish on the photos.

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5 thoughts on “For my favorite math whiz girls”

  1. saj tudi jaz priznam, da sem nekaj časa razmišljala kateri je kateri :haha:  verjetno si bom tole slikico vzela za “plonk listek”. Hvala Gejba! :thumb:


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