I’m tired of doing my make up the same way every time. It’s about time to learn something new, right? Well I tried to do/learn a hybrid cut crease today. It’s not a look you could wear everyday, but it’s something new and fresh for me. Here are photos of my first attempt …

Make up: Hybrid Cut Crease look

Make up: Hybrid Cut Crease look

Make up: Hybrid Cut Crease look

Make up: Hybrid Cut Crease look

Products I used:

  • ArtDeco eyeshadow base
  • Essence – Irresistible eyeshadow
  • Catrice – Peacock Blue eyeshadow from the Carame LE
  • Too Faced – Pin Up eyeshadow
  • Joppa – Mystery mineral eyeshadow
  • Rainbow – No. 359 Illuminate eye powder
  • Bobbi Brown – Ivy Shimmer Ink Long-Wear gel eyeliner
  • green glitter
  • Gosh – Pretty Petrol eye liner
  • Gosh – Truly Brown – eye liner

What do you think? How did I do?


  1. Thanks a ton for another amazing eye make up from you!:love:  I didn’t know that this is your first attemptof cutting the crease. It looks like you’ve done it for ages. So good, Maestra! And the best about it is the green dot on the eyelid. I have to steal this idea. Sorry. :whistle:  By the way, my kingdom for your lashes!

  2. Fantastično. Bojim se le, da jaz tega ne bi mogla nosit. NE zato, ker si ne bi upala – imam še kaj bolj udarnega gor, bojim se le, da bi črta pomanjšala moje že tako manjše oči in da bi moje malce povešene veke skvarile ves izgled. Hum. Bo treba sprobat.  Na tebi zgleda super! :thumb:

  3. Super zgleda! in zelene bleščice na sredini veke – uaaau! jaz tudi dam tja bleščice, ampak vedno zlate ali srebrne. Krasen cut, Maestra! :thumb:


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