Swatches and review: Color Club polishes

Slovenian Color Club importer Nail Spa sent us some of the their products for review.

Let’s take a look at the polishes that we received.

Color Club polishes

Today’s post will be dedicated to the color polishes. We have to try out nail art polish and top coat more before we write a review … especially top coat needs to be taken for a test run or two.

GOGA tried out neon shades – Popsicle and Twiggie. Neon shades are not known for their easy application, and those two were no exception. Goga used two coats for both shades.

Twiggi is muted light green shade that turns more vibrant/poisonous green under UV light. Colors taken under black light are not realistic, but we added them anyway to show you that they really are neon shades.

Color Club Twiggie swatch

Color Club Twiggie under neon light
Color Club Twiggie – black light

Popsicle is striking pink that becomes vibrant orange color under black light. After I saw how bright this neon shade really is (look at the way it lights up Goga’s fingers) I started lemming for this disco baby.

Color Club Popsicle swatch

Color Club Popsicle under neon light

MAESTRA made swatches of Hot Couture and Take Me To Your Chateau polishes.

Hot Couture is good shade to layer over more pigmented polishes. The formula is quite thick, glitter is nicely spread and polish dries pretty fast.

Maestra used three coats on the bellow manicure.

Color Club (Pardon My French): Hot Couture

Detail from the nail:

Color Club (Pardon My French): Hot Couture

Take Me To Your Chateau is one of those opaque polishes that are easy to apply. Two coats.

Color Club (Pardon My French): Take Me To Your Chateau

And as bonus Hot Couture over Take Me To Your Chateau:

Color Club (Pardon My French): Hot Couture over Take Me To Your Chateau

I have for you swatches of the well known Revvvolution shade and my favorite polish of the bunch – Rule Breaker.

I guess it’s no surprise I simply love Rule Breaker. Just give me green with blue undertone and I start to melt.

Application was not easy. It has frost finish – do I need to say more? But I didn’t give up and my second try was already pretty good to look at. I used two coats + top coat.

Color Club Rule Breaker swatch

Last Color Club polish we have for you is Revvvolution. Pretty dark gray shade, filled with holographic shimmer. Application was easy. Two coats + top coat.

Color Club Revvvolution swatch

Unfortunately Color Club (similar as  Diamond Cosmetics) polishes don’t get along with my Pretty Woman base coat. I’m thinking of buying one or two Color Club base coats. Any recommendation will be welcomed.

Thank you Nail Spa for lovely polishes.

19 thoughts on “Swatches and review: Color Club polishes”

  1. Color clubi v Sloveniji in to za vogalom?? Zaljubljena sem v njihove holote … Worth The Risque in Fashion Addict (rožnat holo), ah … :hmm: Da Revvvolution ne omenjam … Rule Breaker je že celo večnost na moji WL!  Pohvalno, da so jih pripeljali sem, čeprav glede na ceno na spletu in spet našo ceno … ne vem, če bom kdaj prebolela, kako navijejo cene lakov pri nas. :angry:

  2. nazadnje, ko sem bila tam (začetek avgusta) so imeli sivega (Revvvolution), srebrnega (Worth the Risque), vijoličnega (Wild at Heart) in rozastega (??). Se mi zdi, da so to vsi njihovi holoti.  :undecided:

  3. 7€.
    So pa super. Jaz imam Revvvolution, After Hours in Worth the Risque. In nad vsemi sem navdušena! Sploh nanos se mi zdi kot pravljica :wub:
    Čudoviti so :wub:
    Pa tudi prodajalci so prijazni, sem pisala mail, ker sem na vsak način hotela tega Revvvolution in so mi poslali mail, ko so ga dobili, da sem letela kupit. Same pohvale.


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