KOTD: American Apparel – Mouse with IP A20

I started with two coats of American Apparel – Mouse, a great taupe creme. My vision for a nail art was a black stamping and some none symmetric pattern. It has crossed my mind that the leaf pattern from the IP A20 would probably look good. I tried the combo …

American Apparel - Mouse with Chez-Delaney IP A20
American Apparel – Mouse (2 coats) with IP A20

I love how this one turned out! What about you? Yay or nay?

13 thoughts on “KOTD: American Apparel – Mouse with IP A20”

  1. :nails: I love how this turned out.  I don’t own any of these polish.  Maybe some day I’ll order them.  That’s a lovely shade of taupe.


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