Let’s continue with archive photos.

Today I have for you another holographic nail polish … this time with visible holo effect. :D

Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm is dark brown to gray shade loaded with holographic particles. Application is non-problematic, 2 coats are enough to cover the visible nail line.

Diamond Cosmetics - Chainmail Charm swatch by Parokeets
Diamond Cosmetics – Chainmail Charm (sun)

Even-though polish looks gray on both photos, it turns into very pretty (almost warm) brown shade when you look at it under more yellow artificial lighting.

Diamond Cosmetics - Chainmail Charm swatch
Diamond Cosmetics – Chainmail Charm (shade)

So what is your verdict – must have or not?

This post is also available in SLO.


  1. In my opinion, every holographic nail polish is a must have! :P But that’s just because I’m a holo sucker! ^__^

  2. Great photo! I have this polish and I never managed to capture its awesomeness ;) I also like that it isn’t black or silver like some holos but a warmish brown that makes it less harsh.

  3. Ovaj me nije toliko oduševio kao prošla dva, šo je odlično jer bi te zadavila! Znaš da sam si zabranila kupovinu a ti me stalno mamiš sa predivnim lakovima.

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