Haul: Fun T-shirts

I went shopping a bit the other day. Actually I wanted to buy some business appropriate clothes, instead I bought these. I just couldn’t resist them. They were just to perfect for me.

I love photography …
I love photography T-shirt

I’ve been obsessed with skulls lately …
Skulls T-shirt

You know I’m obsessed with nail polish …
Nail polish T-shirt

… so these T-shirts are really perfect for me. I love them and I’m really happy I got them!

17 thoughts on “Haul: Fun T-shirts”

  1. Hi dear,

    Good morning!
    Well, I was surfing on the net searching for some kind of t-shirt about photography and then I find on your website some fun t-shirts.
    I am a photographer :pic: and I’m looking for some t-shirt about my profession and I just LOVED the t-shirt you posted here.
    Could you please tell me where I can get one???
    I’m from Brazil, did u buy in some website?

    Thanks for your attention :wink:

  2. Jooooj ta prva more biti moja! V vseh mogočih barvah  :pic: :wink:
    P.S. Zdaj lahko končno gledam poste tudi z mobitela (Nokio), verjetno bo to zaradi spremembe oblike bloga  :thumb:


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