KOTD: p2 Heartbeat + p2 Rebel + B16

By Mamy

p2 Heartbeat is one of those very wearable dirty light pink shades with a little bit of violet undertone.  Combining my manicure with outfit is very easy when I have this polish on. I presume I’m not the only one out there who chooses another outfit the last minute possible … :D

I usually choose this shade to go with jeans.

p2_Heartbeat, bottlep2_Heartbeat, bottleApplication was OK. I used two layers on all the photos – no top coat. Creme finish.

This polish is very photogenic.



p2_HeartbeatSince this is quite shy shade, I choose shy konadicure to go over it.

p2 Heartbeat + Konad: p2 Rebel + B16

Dear readers, have a successful week!

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7 thoughts on “KOTD: p2 Heartbeat + p2 Rebel + B16”

  1. :yes: Love that dusty pink shade.  It’s so pretty I wouldn’t even put anything on it.  That’s why I enjoy everyones nail art.  I can never bear to cover up the pretty polish.


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