Her majesty – Zoya Valerie (Flame collection)

Zoya Valerie has been on my WL for a while now and it is finally mine!

I’m sorry to say that I was unable to capture all the beauty of this shade. And on top of that I was late for a party so my application is not very neat.

Take a look at this majestic polish in the bottle.

Zoya Valerie (Flame collection) parokeets

When applied, duochrome effect goes into the hiding. :D Effect was slightly visible under the artificial light.

Zoya Valerie (Flame collection) swatch
Zoya Valerie (lightbox)

Formula is fantastic – full coverage with first layer (I used two coats + top coat to get perfect application), polish is on a thicker side …  If you look at it in the sun, purple glitter breaths the life into this shade. Unfortunately I was not able to capture this sparkling beauty … winter sun is quite moody and wouldn’t cooperate.

Zoya Valerie (Flame collection) swatch
Zoya Valerie (sun)

And if Zoya Valerie is warm shade in the sun, it becomes cooler purple in the shade (but still less than in the below photo).

Zoya Valerie (Flame collection) swatch
Zoya Valerie (shade)

Glitter look very nice, so I added one layer of Essie Matte About You to bring it into the foreground.

Zoya Valerie + Essie Matte About You swatch
Zoya Valerie + Essie Matte About You

If you’re purple polish lover, I recommend you at least check out o Zoya Valerie out.

This post is also available in SLOVENŠČINA.

29 thoughts on “Her majesty – Zoya Valerie (Flame collection)”

  1. :wub: Že tako imam zadnje čase obsesijo z Zoyo … zdaj pa jo še ti podpihuješ s tem čudovitim odtenkom :w00t: :wub: :scared:
    Sicer pa je :wub:

  2. Mat je full dobra. A ste zadvoljne z Zoyo? Jaz imam en lak pa nisem zadovoljna z njim. Tako da ne bom več kupila njihovih lakov. Smotan mi je že pri nanosu :S kar tak pocast pa grudast…


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